Trixie and her favorite human

Trixie hanging out with her favorite human, her human momma.

I’ve had so much fun sharing my thoughts with y’all and even letting my brothers and sisters have their turn blogging. Now it’s time for me to take my typing paws elsewhere and enjoy the comforts of the dog eat dog literary world from a different perspective. I am retiring as a writer and will be human momma’s official listener as she writes her short stories for publication.

It’s much less stressful for me and I will get more naps in. Thank you for letting me visit with y’all while I could and as always, I will look for you at School of Wags events. Human momma won’t let me get out of going to them and to be honest, the hugs and treats I get while I’m at events are pretty awesome.

Love y’all bunches



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You will be missed Trixie, I enjoyed your stories.

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