I painted my toenails in support of fibromyalgia month.

I’ve shared a lot of secrets with y’all so I think it’s safe to share one more. Human momma paints my toe nails. While it’s not something I’m a huge fan of, a lot of kids get a kick out of it so it’s cool with me. I like kids and they like me a lot. They pet me and tell me I’m pretty. What girl doesn’t want to hear that?

May has just been declared fibromyalgia awareness month and while I don’t really understand fibromyalgia, I know it affects a lot of people. Human momma painted my toenails purple for a meeting about fibromyalgia. That’s a long word to type so from now on, are y’all cool if I just type fibro? My paws get tired and sometimes I hit extra keys. I need a paw-friendly keyboard.

At the meeting I learned that fibro affects people differently and there’s not a test for it and that makes it difficult to diagnose. The pain center in the brain is affected so a lot of people with fibro feel pain that’s amplified. For example, if you stump your toe it hurts a little and you get over it. A person with fibro stumps their toe, their toe sends the message to the brain but the brain doesn’t register it gets the message so the toe keeps sending the message over and over more intensely each time, amplifying the message. Eventually the brain gets the message and it’s feels like the toe has been cut off it hurts so bad.

If you know someone with fibro, give them a gentle hug. Not too tight and let them know you support their struggle. I support them and stayed awake for the entire meeting. That’s a first for me.

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Thank you Trixie, I love your toe nails and your blog.
As a person suffering from Fibromyalgia I apreaciate you taking the time
to bring awareness to this condition.

Trixie Leisinger

Glad you enjoy the blog and good luck with your Fibro! Gentle hugs to you!!

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