I want to help. What can I do?

Have y’all ever wanted to help someone but didn’t know how? That’s how I feel about human momma today. She had to do something she really didn’t want to do and now her heart is hurting. I can feel her energy like a black cloud covering her, and even when I lie on her and lick her face, it’s not enough.

I’ve learned that the part of momma’s work she dislikes the most is sending dogs to the Rainbow Bridge. When a dog can no longer be helped and is either too sick or too mean to be saved, there’s only one option: to give them a lot of love then send them to the Rainbow Bridge to be out of pain. Human momma wants a sanctuary so we don’t have to send the mean ones on, she wants to give them somewhere to live to try to undo what humans have done to them. But until there is somewhere safe for them to live, we don’t have a choice. It sucks and our entire family goes into a funk after it happens.

I don’t understand people. I don’t understand how anyone can hurt someone just because. I guess that’s where dogs and people are different. Nothing in me wants to cause anyone harm unless I have to do it to save my family. One day human momma and I were walking and a big mean dog attacked us. I defended my momma and fought that dog off but I didn’t go looking for a fight. I didn’t want to hurt that dog, but I had to protect momma.

Human momma gets some dogs that are so hurt by humans that I want to cry and I don’t have tears. My heart hurts, and if I’m being completely honest, maybe then is the only time I want to hurt someone who isn’t hurting me or my family. But they are hurting my family because all dogs are my family. Every dog human momma brings home is my family, and when they hurt, we hurt. So you can imagine how much I want to help momma stop hurting today, and the only thing I can do is cuddle with her.

Maybe she will nap with me?

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