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Is there a reason my nails HAVE to be clipped? Every other week, human momma brings out the torture device and holds my paw and expects me to sit there and allow my nails to be clipped. I refuse to allow it to happen. I will not sit quietly by and have my nails taken from me without at least a partial fight.

My brothers on the other hand are so gullible. They sit there and look at human momma like she hung the moon on a string and the torture devices are somehow magic. Repo is 5 years old, and because he’s older than me by a year, it’s almost like he’s given up somehow. Most of the time, he sleeps through the nail clipping.

My sister, on the other paw, uderstands the evil of the clippers. Human momma has to try to be sneaky and catch Kimber sleeping, leash her and do a couple of nails, then wait, do a couple more nails, wait and repeat. This is secretly one of the few times Kimber outshines me in my eyes. You see, I can’t resist mom that long. I love her too much.

I always think of the kindness she shows me, and I eventually let her trim my nails. Plus, she has treats, which I adore. If they are cheese slices, I even let her paint my nails for special occasions. That part makes me feel fancy but don’t tell human momma or I will have my nails trimmed weekly.

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Your secret is safe with me Trixie ;)

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