Here I am napping after contemplating the state of the poop.

Human momma keeps picking my poop up. Not just mine either; she’s on a mission to pick up all the poop from our yard every day. My sister, Kimber, was trying to be helpful and ate some of it and human momma was NOT impressed.  It’s not like she kissed her afterward or anything. Hmmm maybe that would’ve helped?

I was outside sunning myself while the poop-picking-up was happening, and I started thinking about where all the poop goes. I know it goes in a bag then to the trash can and the big truck picks it up, but is there a poop depository? Should I be making more? Human momma gives classes and shows people the difference between good food and bad dog food and how to have less dog poop in the yard. Maybe a depository isn’t where it goes. If they aren’t saving it, why pick it up?

Humans are so confusing. I need another nap.

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