Zoomies wear me out!

The zoomies wore me out! Thankfully I was forgiven for everything I knocked over.

Once in a blue moon I feel the need to be hyper. When this happens, watch out world! Do y’all ever feel that way?

A few days ago, I felt the energy surge and just wanted to run. Just needed to feel the earth under my feet and stretch my legs out. Maybe it was the extra fruit I had in my bowl that morning or the kale the night before that gave me the energy to spread my proverbial wings and fly. When I’m feeling that surge, it affects the entire pack. To be honest, they are usually affected much more often than I am and on occasion will wake me from a nap to see if I want to run with them. I usually politely decline. On this day, I was the leader.

I started the zoomies, as it’s called in our home, where we race around with no particular destination in mind. As fast as we can, hurry, hurry, last one there is a rotten Mastiff. Where exactly? No one knows but it was a race and I wanted to win.

Thankfully the back door was open because after we knocked over the kitchen trash can, two kitchen chairs and human momma ... back yard was the safest place we could be.

The lesson I learned? Zoomies are best left outside.

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