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About Comments and Blogs


Greetings from the Geek Cube!

We’re a month into the launch of our new website and the reinstatement of commenting on KDHNews.com. We’re excited about being able to once again engage with our community, but we need to address a few issues with commenting.

First of all, please note that KDHNews.com has the right to use any comment, edit comments before approving them, and deny any comments without responding to the poster.

Most people are “playing nice” and have contributed some thoughtful, relevant ideas to the stories they’ve commented on. This is the purpose of our commenting system, and we appreciate those who take the time to participate!

However, we need to remind some people that your comment will not be approved if it contains any of the following (1) hate speech, (2) vulgarity/profanity, (3) links to sites that contain pornographic material, and (4) promotion of or links to a business site.

All of the above items pertain not only to our commenting system, but to personal blogs, too. Those who continue to abuse the system will be blocked from the site.

If you wish to promote your business using KDHNews.com, please contact our advertisement department at 254-501-7508.

Contact Linda Fulkerson at lindaf@kdhnews.com or (254) 501-7515