Hello all of you out there in the digital frontier!

This is your geeky webmaster transmitting a new information blast straight to a computer near you. Today I am going to talk about a message you may get from time to time if you are using antiquated bookmarks to our website. Yes, I am talking about that pesky 417 Cache busting detected message.

If I had a universal translator I would just have it translate this obscure message to something a little more familiar and have it display something on the lines of ‘Page not Found.’ For the time being we will just stick with this whole cache busting statement and give you a perfect reason to come here and read this blog.

The reason you get a 417 Cache message is because we changed entire platforms and none of the article links are the same anymore. Most of the archived articles are still in our system but you need to search for them. The only exceptions to that statement are articles that belong to another news organization or were stored on our system only temporarily due to licensing. Yes, those have been removed.

We are sorry that the old bookmarked links no longer work. But feel free to use the searching ability and see if we have the article on the new system under a new name. I am sorry if this causes you some work but we had tens of thousands of files and articles that needed to be transferred and our old system just was not up to par for any modern system.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Your nerdy web developer Jason

P.S. You can once again get your daily news blasts if you create an account and sign up for the blast.

Contact Jason Schaefer at webtech@kdhnews.com

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