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Claiming A Business Directory Listing


Salutations from the frontier,

Due to the number of requests that I have had to deny I need to take a moment to address claiming a business directory listing.

We try our best to keep the information in the directory as accurate as possible. Because of this if we can not verify who you are or your association with the business… we automatically deny the request. Some of the criteria that we review are your name, email address and anything else you provide. These are very important facts that you can provide that will assist with us determining if you really are the person who needs to have access to that business.

If you do not provide a name you will be automatically rejected. If you provide an email address that looks suspicious you will probably be denied. If you provide information that our business office can not verify… you guessed it… you will probably be denied.

Now that I have stated the obvious reject criteria I will discuss what you should do to claim a business. First of all you will need to create an account on our website. When you create your account you need to log into your dashboard and finish filling in your profile information. You need to pay special attention to the ‘Contact Info’ tab under profile.

Once we have your contact information we will use that to verify if you have the right to ‘own’ that business.

If you have any concerns please contact your business sales representative and we will see about resolving that concern.

Your nerdy web developer Jason

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