Hello everyone! I am not a blogger or a writer for that matter. In truth I am a code geek… glasses and everything to go with that stereotype. And yes I actually own a pocket protector!

I just wanted to stop in and say hello to everyone and give some pointers on our searching system. If you had anything to do with the old website’s search you are probably looking at this one and hoping it can do a better job… and it does do a much better job.

The search will look for the terms in the body of the text as well as the headline.

If you want to search for something that is older than a year ago you will need to do an advanced search. The reason for this is that the search by default only searches up to a year ago. You can change the default search by clicking on the ‘Advanced Search Options’ link. You now have a Date Options set and if you notice the date range beginning on… is set to ‘1 year ago’ and the ending on is blank. This is where you can change the search period for a more in depth search. You can set the beginning on to ‘2 years ago’ or you can set it to a specific date such as ‘1/1/2004’ and then click search and it will expand its search range.

Some things to keep in mind… We do not have any stories prior to 2004. At the time of this blog post (9/6/12) I still have about 2 months of articles to add to the system. And finally most of the content that did not belong to us (syndicated articles) was removed. This is especially true from any news agency that has asked us not to keep their content saved on our servers.

Your nerdy web developer Jason

Contact Jason Schaefer at webtech@kdhnews.com


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