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URL changes


Greetings from the digital frontier!

I just wanted everyone to be aware of a change that is coming down the cables. On Monday, Sept. 24, 2012 we will be implementing a change to the website. For the most part this change will not affect the majority of our customers.

We will be changing the way our URLs are displayed on the website. This change will help with search engines. In this day and age (or nanosecond) search engines make a massive impact on your traffic and we will always need to make sure we do things that help increase traffic.

If you have any articles bookmarked: Please take a few moments and copy the titles of the articles and save them using your favorite text editor. This will give you the ability to find those articles again once we make the switch on Monday.

-Your nerdy web developer Jason

Contact Jason Schaefer at webtech@kdhnews.com