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My food allergies took a turn for the worse earlier this year and I suffered the gravest attack yet. It felt like over the years I’d grown allergic to almost everything.

My doctor sent me to Optimum Health Institute in Austin for two weeks, and thanks to an amazing staff, I learned why my body was rebelling and what to do about it. After an intensive detox that included wheatgrass, probiotics and 100-percent raw foods, I left with all the tools necessary to mend.

Have you ever done a similar detox? Did your allergies go away?

Fortunately, you don’t have to go to my extremes to adopt healthier habits when it comes to allergies.

So what can you do? Here are some tips to start with:

  • Go raw: As much as possible—even if it’s only 20-percent raw food consumption daily, every little change helps. Avoid canned, packaged and highly refined foods. Eliminating white flour and fried foods is also a good start.
  • Watch for nightshades: This is a family of plants that contain alkaloids which can be responsible for muscle pain, morning stiffness, inflammation and rheumatoid arthritis in certain individuals. Nightshades include tomatoes (very acidic) and all peppers (including bell peppers).
  • Cycle foods: Don’t eat the same thing every day. In fact, don’t eat too much of any one food in one sitting or in one day. The more you eat one food over time, the more likely you’ll develop food sensitivities. Wait three to five days for foods to cycle out of your system.
  • What’s in your seasonings: I’m allergic to monosodium glutamate (MSG) which is found in many popular seasonings.  Switch to herbal seasonings (check labels though as they can be deceiving). Fresh sage, parsley, basil, and mint, are great alternatives and adds another layer of texture to foods.

What’s your favorite (secret) fresh seasoning? What would you add to this list?

A journalist by trade, Corinne has written for both the military and civilian populations. She has a Master's in Writing and Bachelor's in English. She is also a military spouse and her family is currently stationed at Fort Hood.

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