Personal journey to “new” health

Do you have health challenges and are loking for answers? What about high-blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes? I, too, was seeking alternative, natural ways to healing for my severe allergies when I discovered a jewel that gave my health the boost it needed.  

Last summer, at the height of my worst allergy attack (and the ensuing health-related problems), I decided to take matters into my own hands. What did I do? I went on a kind of health retreat. But this wasn’t any regular “retreat.”

My naturopathic doctor recommended I spend three weeks at a place called Optimum Health Institute (OHI) in Austin (there’s also one in San Diego.) I hesitated but eventually went and the experience changed how I viewed, treated and ate food, and how I treated and listened to my body. I knew a lot about health and wellness before but what I learned at OHI changed (and confirmed) much more.

After only three days there I was already making the mind, body, spirit connection in a whole new way. My food allergies and sensitive were vanishing into thin air and I had lost weight and felt so much better (wheatgrass will do that to you; its wheatgrass heaven and OHI grows its own supply there, too).

The weekly series of instruction, workshops and cooking classes reinforced what I already knew and added new tools to my health toolbox. I attended classes on 100-percent raw food preparation, alpha meditation, lymphatic (detox) exercises and the harmful effects of certain foods and cancer.  I walked away with numerous notes on the dangers of food-combining, the digestive process and how stress and the mind affects it and the benefits, recipes (and many gifts) that a Vitamix has to offer.

From the beloved Rejuvelac (a fermented drink that’s a great homemade and natural probiotic) to learning how a mental and emotional detox should work, OHI’s natural and holistic approach helped me move forward towards better health.

Theirs is truly a raw-food diet which takes time and advanced meal planning (for soaking seeds for example). However, once I returned home and found what worked for me it became easier (e.g. the 80/20 method of eating—which means 80-percent raw and 20-percent cooked). I continued the detox at home for three months and the benefits were endless (drop me a line in the comment box and I’ll tell you all about it).

They said if you do something for twenty-one days it becomes a habit. Well, what I’ve learned at OHI Austin will stay with me for life.

I also met scores of people at the retreat who shared testimonials about how the OHI lifestyle was a life-altering experience for the mind, body and spirit (many return at least once a year for a refresher). A few said it transformed and added years to their life expectancy and turned their health challenges into health opportunities.

I think they’ll agree with me when I say the experience was priceless and gave me “new” health.

The opinions expressed here are my own and no financial or other benefits were received in exchange for this post.  Also, my experience and health benefits did not replace the advice of medical professionals, nor is this an advertisement for OHI or its services or methodology; this is solely my own personal experience.


A journalist by trade, Corinne has written for both the military and civilian populations. She has a Master's in Writing and Bachelor's in English. She is also a military spouse and her family is currently stationed at Fort Hood.

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