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Are you desperately looking for something … anything to help jump start your weight-loss program? Does your diet defeat you at every turn? I mean, how do you really know if this evening’s 15-minute walk burned off that slice of cheesecake at lunch?

A major component of successful weight-loss involves understanding your (daily) calories burned to calories consumed ratio. Did you know in order to lost one pound a week, you need to consume 500 less calories per day (than you burn), for a total of 3,500 calories less per week? That’s right—one pound of fat (not water weight) equals 3,500 calories.

One of the trending calorie management systems on the market is manufactured by Jawbone. Have you heard of it? It’s a bracelet you wear that utilizes a smartphone application called “UP” to help manage weight (it’s also subscription-free).


  • It tracks calories and also monitors sleep patterns, is a pedometer, and facilitates logging in of meals by providing online menus of a wide variety of restaurants and food brands.
  • Ability to snap a picture of a product’s bar code and upload to see meals’ nutritional values (if it’s in the UP database).
  • Join or form an UP community to keep motivated.
  • Tracks a multitude of (your unique) trends over time.
  • Acts as a stopwatch, monitors power naps, and alerts you if you’re been inactive for too long.
  • Has individualized daily encouragement and tips once data is uploaded.
  • Bracelet recharges every 10 days and is under $200.

Reviews: There have been consumer complaints about bracelets malfunctioning occasionally. However, similar models such as Nike and Garmin have had complaints as well. Also, other models such as FitBit only track sleep and activity. If you’re on a raw food diet (or don’t eat much packaged foods), UP isn’t for you as it’s quite tedious to upload each item and ingredient for unique meals.

Are you using one of these devices? How is it working for you? Further, what other methods do you utilize in your weight-loss quest?  

A journalist by trade, Corinne has written for both the military and civilian populations. She has a Master's in Writing and Bachelor's in English. She is also a military spouse and her family is currently stationed at Fort Hood.

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