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Thursday 09/20/2012
Cool nights, warm days

Fall weather has arrived in Harker Heights, and I couldn't be happier. Cool mornings, warm days - it's wonderful!

I'm a weather-aholic. Thanks to my Iphone, I have easy access to multiple weather apps. Three are installed on my phone right now. I check them all daily - and sometimes several times a day. At any given time, I know what the weather forecast is for the next 10 days for Harker Heights, Bedford and Durango, Colorado.

Why Bedford? Well, I grew up in the Mid-Cities of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and lived in Bedford before moving down to this neck of the woods. Plus, my kids and grandbabies make their home there so it's handy for this Nani to know what's going on in the atmosphere. You know, in case there's some terrible or wonderful weather event looming on the horizon that I can warn them about.

And Durango? Well, I used to live there too, and I loved the beautiful weather in those mountains. That's one of the things I miss most about Colorado. Right now, my Durango friends are enjoying days in the 60s and 70s and nights in the 30s and 40s. Glorious! With my weather apps, I know when the snow starts falling (usually sometime in October) and when spring arrives (not soon enough, usually, for the people who live there.) I love it.

As September rolls on, I can tell you that our Texas days and nights will continue to grow cooler and cooler. The 10-day forecast on my weather apps proves it. And soon, we will be welcoming our first freeze.

I hope we get some snow along with it.

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Wednesday 09/05/2012
New columnist covers senior citizen activities

One thing I love about my job is that I get to meet some really awesome people. This week, I had the pleasure of meeting several very nice ladies over at the Harker Heights Recreation Center.

Joyce Mayer, Suzanne Jones and Betty Smith, all part of the city's senior citizen recreation program, were hard at work sewing and ironing quilt squares for a state-wide Wounded Warrior quilt project. Joyce is the director of the recreation program and stays busy as a bee.

On the afternoon that we met, she'd already had an action-packed day at the center, what with pickle ball being played in the gym, a group of woodcarvers in the room next to the quilters, and, of course, the quilting activity. As we talked, she flitted around the room, ironing, tearing out stitches, organizing quilt squares and directing the other ladies in their tasks. I never saw her sit down or take a breath!

Despite her busy schedule with the senior recreation program, Joyce has agreed to write a monthly column for the Harker Heights Herald. Her first installment will be featured in this Friday's edition, so check it out! She gives lots of good information about the history of the senior programs in Harker Heights.

Welcome, Joyce!

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Friday 08/17/2012
Madu the Polite

I interviewed the coolest kid today.

Madu Eneli, 13, just published his first book, "Am I Ready For Middle School?" He's an 8th grader at Union Grove Middle School in Harker Heights, loves sports, and wants to open an amusement/water park when he grows up.

I have to say Madu is probably the most polite and mature 13-year-old I've ever met. It's no surprise to me that he had the motivation and drive to write and publish a book at such a young age.

His little siblings, who met me at the front door and invited me to "Sit down!" on the couch, were very polite too, not to mention CUTE! Good job, Mom and Dad!

Look for my story about Madu in next Friday's edition of the HHH!

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Thursday 08/16/2012
Welcome to Harker Heights

Welcome to the Heights Echo! With the launch of the new Killeen Daily Herald website (isn’t it beautiful?) comes this blog representing the Harker Heights Herald.

As editor of the HHH, I’ll be making regular posts here on entertaining, informative and random subjects like city council meetings, Chamber of Commerce mixers, the nice lady who works the drive-thru window of my favorite fast-food restaurant, and my obsession with coffee and shoes.

I imagine I will also “occasionally” mention some certain special little people in my life – my seven smart, beautiful, mischievous grandbabies. Ask me about them. I’ve got some great stories….and photos!

But this is what’s really on my mind today – the heat! We hit 100 degrees again today in Harker Heights (I saw it on my car’s outside temperature display.) I’m so ready for fall and cooler temperatures. How about you?

Stay cool out there, folks! And drink lots of water. Hydration is good for the soul.

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Thursday 09/20/2012

Cool nights, warm days

Wednesday 09/05/2012

New columnist covers senior citizen activities

Friday 08/17/2012

Madu the Polite Heights Echo

Thursday 08/16/2012

Welcome to Harker Heights