Old deer blind

My first hunting blind, 25 years later

As with game feeders, there are many varieties of hunting blinds available to meet the specific needs of hunters.

Various blinds are designed to accommodate the type of game hunted, the mode of hunting, fine-tuning toward these ends, personal comfort and preference, or a combination of any of these considerations.

Also, as with game feeders, almost any imaginable design of hunting blind can either be purchased from several manufacturers or retailers or built at home.

With some exceptions, most blinds designed for small game and fowls, such as turkeys and ducks, are made to be set up at ground level, with open or semi-open tops allowing for range of motion to follow moving targets.

This roomy design is especially important in the case of archery hunting.

In the case of deer hunting, a raised hunting blind or “stand” is beneficial to both rifle and archery hunters for the purpose of stealth and trajectory, but open tree stands also afford archers needed room and range of motion.  

As for personal preference and comfort, a near countless number of hunting blinds and ideas for designs are available to hunters of most all seasons and types of game.

Some models of blinds and stands offer designs including attachments for supporting or extending the hunter’s chosen weapon.

Some are built to accommodate a single hunter, two hunters, or multiple hunters.

Some 25 years ago, I started hunting with a two-seater ground blind made from an old shipping crate, and although it is no longer in use, it is still standing.

Probably the most impressive line of hunting blinds I’ve ever seen, especially for ground-level hunters, is offered by the folks at Ghost Blind.

Their blinds are constructed of reflective panels that mirror their surroundings, no matter where they are placed.

Visit their website, by the same name, and tell me if this is not the coolest thing you’ve ever seen.

Any feedback you’d like to offer about hunting blinds and stands is also welcome.  

I have a passion for writing about a growing variety of topics and have enjoyed pursuing this passion through personal projects, various blogs, and as a correspondent covering Coryell County for Killeen Daily Herald.

(6) comments


Didn't you shoot my first deer from that stand?

Shawn Paul

That's very possible rudeman, but from which seat? Thanks for the comments.


My stand has a jacuzzi, a French maid, and a coffee maker. Okay, it doesn't have a jacuzzi or a coffee maker. But it's nice.

Shawn Paul

Yes, there's nothing like a roomy and comfortable stand, rudeman!


I like a stand off the ground for deer and must admit I'm spoiled because the heater is a must along with hooks to hang my many objects that are a must.

Shawn Paul

I personally agree, Hill51. There are advantages to an above ground deer stand. I also graduated to a couple of different above ground stands after the blind in the picture. Thanks for the comment.

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