Holt Collier with Theodore Roosevelt

Holt Collier with Theodore Roosevelt on a hunt.

Texas and the U.S. have a long history related to the hunting of wild game. In fact, historically speaking, the native inhabitants and early American settlers of these regions would have never survived without it.

Increasingly, in recent years, the practice of hunting and the tools of its trade have been observed under newfound scrutiny. If this scrutiny was all applied out of necessity and based upon legitimate concerns or problems, very little controversy would be attached to their related campaigns. Unfortunately though, it is obvious to most practitioners of hunting, as well as to firearms and weaponry enthusiasts and advocates, that much of this public disdain and protest is based upon hearsay and a lack of well-rounded education on these subjects.

I believe as hunters we should never intend to go all out "Rambo" on any species of wildlife. That didn't work out so well for the American buffalo at the hands of early European settlers. Instead, I believe we have been placed upon planet Earth as stewards of this wide variety of wildlife. As such, we are to use the practice of hunting as a means to manage and control overpopulation of certain species and to provide a healthy food source for one another, all while applying the utmost in informed and safe practices and abiding by all applicable laws.

If all of these parameters are in place, hunting will remain not as any threat, but as a responsible and rewarding practice for all of its participants and recipients.

I have a passion for writing about a growing variety of topics and have enjoyed pursuing this passion through personal projects, various blogs, and as a correspondent covering Coryell County for Killeen Daily Herald.

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Great article! Hunting is an integral part of life in rural America. I enjoy seeing the pictures of the young people with their deer in the local newspapers. I'm glad some young people are still involved in outdoor activities. As you said, it is part of their heritage.

Shawn Paul

Thanks for the comment, crios. I agree that hunting and many other outdoor activities can have a very positive influence on young people.


Fantastic article! Thanks for sharing the thoughts and feelings of those who love hunting and God's creation!

Shawn Paul

You're welcome, Dub, and thanks for your comment.


Great article.

Shawn Paul

Thanks for your complimentary comment, kwrivera.


No doubt. I think that this view of nature and this approach to it are spot on.

Shawn Paul

Thanks for your comment and support, rudeman.


I agree AWilson and Shawn Paul great story .

Shawn Paul

Thanks for your comment, and I appreciate the compliment, Lstuard.


God has given us authority over the animals and the responsibility to maintain a balance. Hunting responsibly does so much good for many families. What irritates me is when people hunt for the sport and not harvest the meat. I have even heard of someone that goes hunting and turns the meat into cat food. They didn't even eat deer.

Shawn Paul

Thanks for weighing in, awilson. I agree that wildlife are resources that we are not to squander.

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