A Texas cottontail rabbit at sunset.

One of the most rewarding, and probably most underrated, of hunted species are those categorized as small game.

In Texas there are a variety of small game species available for hunting including (but not limited to) wild rabbits, squirrels, upland game birds such as quail or pheasants, or migratory game birds like ducks, geese, mourning doves, or white-winged doves.

Regardless of the chosen species for your small game hunt, this type of hunting can prove to be action-packed and rewarding.

This can especially prove true when compared to hunting big game such as white-tail deer or turkey, which is typically subject to a narrower set of ideal conditions and can sometimes only yield a harvest after many invested hours.

Small game hunting can make for a nice change of pace, with favorable odds for a plentiful game harvest.

Particularly, rabbit and squirrel hunting can comparatively keep on giving more to hunters throughout much of the year, as there is generally no closed season or bag limit for either species in the state.

My first experiences as a boy with rabbit and squirrel hunting made for many good memories and taught me about gun safety and responsibility.

During these early outings, I started with my first rifle; a Marlin Glenfield Model 15 bolt-action, single-shot .22 caliber.

This made for a good first gun for such hunting, and it also taught me to make each shot count.

Not only do I still own this rifle, but it still fires as dependably and accurately as it did when it was new.

The .22 caliber is ideal for this sort of hunting in that it is an accurate small caliber that penetrates well for the kill, but with minimal damage to the meat of these small target animals.

Do you have your own good memories of your first small game hunt? If not, it’s never too late to start making those memories.

I have a passion for writing about a growing variety of topics and have enjoyed pursuing this passion through personal projects, various blogs, and as a correspondent covering Coryell County for Killeen Daily Herald.

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It's about that time of year to start hunting rabbits before it gets too hot. Maybe I can thin them pesky critters out before my garden starts coming up. Fried rabbit is mighty tasty! Great read. Keep up the great work.

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