Activities to teach at home
"Wow! I didn't know y'all did such fun things here," a parent told me. 
I invited my student's parents to join me and their child during the 30 minute speech therapy session, so similar activities, vocabulary and mannerisms are incorporated at home. I also wanted the parents to let me know of their concerns, so I could possibly incorporate home goals with their speech goals. 
We sing and watch educational videos, read and discuss short funny stories, go on bear hunts, talk about the days of the weeks, and much more. The parent did not realize therapy was so simple.
I think people automatically assume therapists, or anybody with a fancy title, do complicated or scientific tasks. 
That's not the case in a lot of instances. Everybody can do what a therapist does, but not everybody is an expert in the field like a therapist strives to be. Good thing is, you do not have to be an expert at home.
It is important to know what your sibling, friend, spouse, child, etc. are working on in school or during therapy. The teacher and therapist can offer creative ideas to help your loved one reach his or her goals while at home, such as YouTube videos, board games and sports.
My students enjoy watching and singing along to the Phonics 2 YouTube video to learn the alphabet and sounds of the English language. It's simple and catchy. 
Each of my students reviews the calendar in front of their group, which allows them to work on projecting their voice, speaking in front of others, and gaining confidence: "Today is Thursday, November 21, 2013. Yesterday was Wednesday, November 20, 2013. Tomorrow will be Friday, November 22, 2013." This activity works on basic language concepts, such as time, sequence and grammar. I also use it as a means to practice repeating th, r and consonant blends. 
The simplest things can make the greatest affects.  
Is there a routine or activity you enjoy doing that makes a huge difference in your loved one's life?
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