Advice for speech therapists

I attended the 58th Annual Convention and Exhibition presented by the Texas Speech-language and Hearing Association in Houston this past weekend and had a blast. I highly recommend all speech therapists in Texas attend next year's convention in San Antonio.

There were various courses about working with children in the school setting that counted towards CEU credits. Texas speech therapists and assistants have to obtain 20 hours of CEUs every two years to renew their licenses.

I learned a lot more about how to incorporate music therapy into the speech sessions, which is something I already do. I just needed more ideas. Next week, I am bringing maracas into speech therapy. This should be fun!

I was also able to score a cool jumbo mouth model from Super Duper Inc. It’s so neat. It has the ridges of an alveolar ridge, so the students can see and feel what their tongue should be feeling when they produce D or T. It came with a toothbrush, so now my kids actually want to review the steps to brush your teeth using sequence vocabulary.

One piece of important advice that was given by most of the presenters was to seek help from classroom teachers for ideas. I find it odd that such advice was stressed in a lot of presentations. I thought that was a given, but I can see how a lot of speech therapists do not turn to the teachers in their schools for help. Whatever the reason may be, it’s important to at least attempt to communicate with the classroom teachers. The more repetitions of the same vocabulary words, language concepts, songs, etc., the better.

This last nine weeks are the last weeks of the school year, and in order to really see how I should end my year with these students, I will definitely talk to my teachers to see how my students have progressed and if they can offer any recommendations to help the child.

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