Tiffany, 21, was a healthy young woman before she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her doctor was unsure of what caused the breast cancer at such a young age without a family history of this disease. It's an uncommon situation. 
After asking many questions about her lifestyle, her parents made a conclusion that her cell phone may have caused the tumors in her left breast. They were convinced when other women repoted similar stories. 
Tiffany appeared on Dr. Oz last month and showed the audience how she used to place her cell phone in her bra to rest on her left breast with a bit of it sticking out of her shirt. Turns out that was the same exact spot they found the breast cancer tissues. 
Tiffany used to carry her cell phone in her bra to have easy access to it whenever it rang, but according to Dr. Oz, her breast tissues may have been absorbing the radiofrequency radiation the cell phone emits. 
There is not enough scientific research to prove Dr. Oz's conclusion as accurate, but some animal studies have shown that radiofrequency radiation causes DNA changes in animals cells. 
This may not be a proven case to show how carrying your cell phone in your bra can cause breast cancer, but I will and I hope everyone else will still be cautious of how long we let cell phones rest directly on our skin.
I've never carried my cell phone in my bra and I was never planning on it for one main reason- it's unclassy. But now I have another reason not to do such a thing. 
"My mom would warn me. She would tell me that my thing hanging out of my bra or shirt wasn't attractive and that it's probably not good." Tiffany said on the Dr. Oz show. 
There were other women on the show saying they placed their phones and other little items in their bras while they worked out or made errands so they won't miss a call. 
As I was reading up on research, I came across an invention of a bra with an actual pocket to place a cell phone. There was a statement saying that carrying your cell phone was convenient and was the new cool and hip thing to do. 
When did it become acceptable to dig in your bra in public? What happened to placing cell phones in your purse?
This brings me back to how we have become wired to rely on our technology more than we should. As technology progresses and improves, we still need to remember to relax and do without it once in awhile. 
We are able to work out at the gym, drive our cars, go to the grocery store, watch a movie, etc. without carrying our cell phones. 
Women: We do not need to be putting our health in danger just to answer every call or text. 
Everyone: We do not need to be texting and driving to answer everyone's questions at that moment. 
Let's all slow down a bit and remember there is a time and place for everything. You can always call or text back later. Nothing is more important than your health. 

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