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Antuan Aaron, right, and his brother, Gregory Aaron.

The habits instilled as a child last forever. 

"Ester, you're breaking my heart; you're shaking my confidence, Ester," sang 5-year-old Antuan as he stood on the table and looked at his blushing mother, Ester. He was singing to the beat of "Cecilia" by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles. 
Antuan is my boyfriend and he used to stutter when he was child. He shares his brief memories of his speech therapist in elementary school and I usually bombard him with questions. 
"What type of activities would y'all do? Did you used to sing in therapy? Did you do this? Did she do that?" I always ask. 
She must have been an amazing speech therapist. I would have never known Antuan used to stutter if he had not told me. 
Once I found out the Aaron family sang together every night, I knew Antuan's fluency success was not solely credited to his speech therapist.  
Family time allows children to express themselves daily. It offers a form of relaxation. And in Antuan's case it offered a fun way to practice continuous-phonation.
"I didn't know I was helping Antuan," Ester said. "We were just having fun. Antuan always loved to sing."
Now, I get the pleasure of having my name sang to me by Antuan. 
How did you or do you spend quality family time? Would you say those were the most influential moments of your life?

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Great article! it is definitely essential for parents to spend time talking to their kids and letting their kids talk to them, especially if they have a speech impediment.

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