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It’s a new year and it’s that time when people like to reflect, forget, and move on. Move on to greater things. Accept different responsibilities. Set bigger goals. Better yourself. Reinvent yourself.

Yay! Congratulations! Now let’s begin!

Uh oh…

Where to begin?

Well, let’s first think of our biggest goal to accomplish. (Remember our friend, Kosi Aneli, said a goal is a dream with a deadline.)

It’s OK to take your time. Think of a time limit for your dream. When should you accomplish or complete this dream?

Wow! What a huge step!

You just created a goal, which is a ______ with a ______.

That’s how I plan to start the new semester with my students. This allows them to recap what they already know. I get the opportunity to see what the students remember, and the students talk about what they’ve been dying to talk about - themselves.  

I am so excited to see my students after this two week break. I plan to review what we spoke about last semester, reintroduce the topic of goal setting, reintroduce old vocabulary, introduce new vocabulary and catch up on each other’s vacation.

That’s a lot to do, isn’t it? Yeah, but I like to set up my room as if we are all friends. Everyone in the room cares about each other and we are all genuinely interested in one another. We’re friends trying our hardest to communicate with one another. 

Some of these kids can come up with the funniest dreams and goals to accomplish. They can come up with silly ones like becoming a villain and taking over the world, or serious ones like becoming a villain and taking over the world. Haha! Kids and their imaginations…

Whatever dream or goal they decide to share the first week back at school, I will let them share. My whole goal is for all of them to speak up and get back in the groove of things while having fun.

This is my ideal room setting for the new year, new semester, new goals, new dreams, new deadlines. It’s all exciting!

How are you beginning your new year with your co-workers, friends, family members? What goals or new year resolutions have you set?

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