My students are used to me being patient because I usually am. I encourage them to take their time and not feel rushed. That is probably why they enjoy seeing me. But there are those days where I wake up feeling anxious and impatient and I realized those are my roughest days.

It’s a personal issue, which is what can be frustrating. I wish I could wake up in the best mood every day, but let’s face it- I’m human. I finally accepted that the weather has an effect on my attitude. On gloomy days, I feel grumpy and irritable. But I don’t use that as an excuse to act such a way with my students. On these days I have to remind myself that I work with children who are naturally care-free, who have a hard time comprehending simple tasks, who wish they could have fun 24/7 and who are used to the fun Mrs. Mary.

Today’s gloomy and cold weather just blew my bright spirits away. It was a long day for me because I was constantly putting on an act of cheeriness and smiles. I’m sure my students appreciated it. They, too, were affected by the weather and wished they were cuddled in their blankets on this out of the blue cold day.

Even though it was a long day, it went by pretty smooth. I began every session by stating the order of activities planned for the day.

“First we will sing our favorite songs, then we will review the calendar and lastly we will read a short story,” I said.

I often got "boo-hoos" and "whys" after I said we will read a short story. I laughed it off because that’s just how kids are. I can’t take everything they say so seriously- even on my grumpy days.

Reviewing the activities of the day is something I usually forget to do, even though I have been advised plenty of times to do so. Today I made it a priority and oh my goodness! I am so glad I did! It kept my students and me on track on this rough day. I am so proud of us all!

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