“Reporting live from Killeen, Texas, I’m Safety Mary,” my husband jokingly mocks me using a Daffy Duck voice.

I laugh when he does this, but I hope he takes me seriously when I get on my health chats. He jokes because I drive the speed limit and am constantly paying attention to what I consume or put on my body. I’m a healthy person obsessed with a healthy lifestyle.

Needless to say, I was a huge risk-taker growing up and I’ve learned from my various consequences, such as automobile accidents and food-poisoning. Therefore, I’ve turned into Safety Mary.

Sometimes being Safety Mary is disturbing and scary. I read plenty of research and find out the truth of what I’m really doing to myself.

For example, I read an article published by NaturalOn discussing different foods that cause cancer. The most disturbing thing I came across was that my favorite fruits are contaminated with pesticides that harm the body, to keep insects away. The pesticides are not only killing the insects- they’re killing us.

Pesticide consumption causes developmental and behavioral abnormalities and can be passed to the fetus through the blood stream of a mother who has consumed pesticides or to an infant through the breast milk. The thought of ADHD and Autism pops into my head, which have been on an incredible rise.  

According to Autism Speaks, Autism now affects 1 in 68 children and 1 in 42 boys. More than 1 in 10 US school-aged children received an ADHD diagnosis by a health care provider by 2011 according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Not only that, biosolids, aka human waste, aka human poop, is used as fertilizer in US farms! What?!

There were recent complaints about the “decaying flesh” odor coming from the farms in Milford, Texas- a small rural town less than two hours north of Killeen, according to Dallas-Ft. Worth Channel 8 news.  The city of Fort Worth is currently looking into a way to minimize the smell of the biosolids used in their farms.

How about just stop using human poop to fertilize the food we eat? But farmers like using biosolids because it’s cheap! What about our health?!

This entire time I thought I was eating healthy by cutting out fast food and sticking to "natural" foods such as fruits and vegetables. Little did I know that these so-thought "natural" foods were actually being genetically modified, poisoned and grown in human waste.

My next step to eating healthy is buying organic fruits. They may not last as long and they may be a bit more expensive, but at least they’re not killing me or infecting me with diseases.

One question: Is there a way to be an organic consumer on a budget?  

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