Friends gather for a photo at a recent Posada.

Members of the Jaramillo family- cousins, toddlers, aunts, uncles- sang to each other across the front glass door. Half of the group was inside the home and the other half was outside in the cold.

“En el nombre del cielo os pido posada (in the name of heaven we are asking you for a lodge),” sang the group outside.

“Aqui no es meson sigan adelante (this is not a lodge, keep on walking),” sang the group inside.

They alternated singing verses of “Las Posadas” to each other. Some knew the lyrics from heart, others used their smart phones for assistance.  

Posadas are celebrations that originated from Mexico when Roman Catholicism was introduced to Mexico in 1538. Everyone enjoying the Posada is celebrating the birth of Christ and the journey Mary experienced prior to giving birth.

I attended my first Posada at a friend’s house this Christmas Eve. It was such a great learning experience. I couldn’t believe I had never attended a Posada before. Everyone was laughing and getting to know each other. Women were carrying the babies, toddlers were hitting each other, younguns were carrying blue plastic cups and men were drinking their beverages of choice. It was all just fun with family and friends.

When you run into your friends, coworkers and family, take the time to listen to their experiences. Ask them questions and ask them for more details. Let them know you sincerely want to learn about their experiences. I’m sure they will open up to you, and I’m sure you will learn something, as well.

Sometimes I feel like everybody is stuck on this mindset of making things quick and straight to the point. But let’s remember that some of our friends willing to share their experiences need to take their time. How about you be that person or friend who allows them to share their thoughts?  

What did you do for the holidays or what are you still planning on doing?

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