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President Barack Obama addresses the crowd during a campaign stop Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2012, in Davenport, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

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International Business Leaders Leaning Toward Obama

The Financial Times-Economist Business Barometer for August 2012 found that international business leaders overwhelmingly lean toward Barack Obama.

But in North America the results were not so clear cut.

The Business Barometer is published quarterly by the Financial Times and the Economist. The barometer reflects interviews conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit with more than 1,700 business executives around the world.The idea is to report changes in business sentiment and differences between geographic regions.

According to the barometer, about 20 percent of the executives surveyed thought a Romney administration would be better for their company. Just under 30 percent think a second term for President Obama would be better for their company. About half of the executives interviewed don't think it matters either way.
Why do I get the feeling they are the smart ones?
About 20 percent of the executives think a Romney administration would be better for the world economy. Just over 40 percent prefer a second term for President Obama. A savvy 37 percent do not think it will matter either way.
Interestingly, the numbers for North America are a lot closer. Just over 40 percent of the executives surveyed chose Romney. About 30 percent chose President Obama. Romney not only edged out the president, he also beat the "it doesn't matter" contingent. That must warm his heart.
This is where it gets a bit weird. Although North American executives prefer Romney over President Obama by a fairly wide margin, those same executives think Obama II would be better for the world economy. About 40 percent favored the president while around 30 percent went with Romney. "It doesn't matter" ate up the remaining 30 percent.
The barometer is likely meaningless as far as gauging the election. But it is a cool look at a perspective that can be hard to consider from my desk in Killeen.
Uh oh!
This survey released Thursday by the Gallup Poll might be more relevant. Only 36 percent of Americans surveyed approve of the president's handling of the economy.
Ouch. I bet President Obama wishes "It doesn't matter" was an option on that one.
Cheapest Gas in Killeen, Thursday, August 16, 2012
According to H-E-B, 511 Trimmier Rd & Lowe's Blvd.,
$3.45 per gallon
Editor's note: 100% of the Mason Lerners interviewed think this is still way too expensive. We are 50 cents away from being a less beachy California.
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