I'm running a 5K in three days, and I'm trying to nurse myself off the brink of a cold. I've shuttered myself in my house for most of the afternoon under strict instructions from myself to GET BETTER. I even turned down an invitation to watch football, and despite feeling better this evening don't plan on overdoing it. That also means no running, which hopefully won't prove too detrimental on Saturday.

Registration for the race is open till 7:30 a.m. Saturday in Harker Heights and you should consider doing it! I'm still a novice at the whole running thing, but it's becoming a habit of mine. I even bought new running shoes Monday and thought, "You're really doing it! You're running!"

I have never, ever, ever been a runner, but have the privilege of having friends who are dedicated athletes...elite runners, professional marathoners, Ironman competitors, triathletes...

And then me. I like food. And my knees and ankles have never appreciated running, and a couple other body parts have always, um, gotten in the way.

Well, I still like food (it's one of life's pleasures) and sometimes my knees and ankles fuss at me, and those couple other body parts aren't going anywhere, but I've decided to shed the excuses and just be active.  

Last night I ran a mile with my running partner, Tuck, and on our way back (walking), I was frustrated with myself for having only run a mile. I tried to pick up the pace again, but I couldn't. My critical (adversarial) side of myself was irritated and judgy. My coaching (and much more empathetic) side took over and I reminded myself of where I've come.

Two months ago I started running. Two months ago I couldn't run 4/10 of a mile. Two months ago I was running in 1/10-segment circles around my neighbor's house. Two months ago I had never participated in a race.

Fast forward to today. I'm running a mile at a time several times a week. I'm not running in circles anymore; I go to the park, or along the highway. I've completed my first 5K, and registered today for my second. AND I'm mentally committing myself to running another one on the 15th...the Hope for the Hungry 5K in Belton.

If I can do it - me, with all my excuses and ailments and hindrances - so can you. Start small - one step, one day at a time - and see where you go.

If you haven't already, register to run Saturday's race. And if you need another week to think about it and would like to support Hope for the Hungry, run with me on the 15th.

Now. I'll return to nursing myself back to complete health. 

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