I have a pen-pal relationship with my landlord.

Every month, with my rent, I include a handwritten note, and in it I catch her up on what the last month has looked like for me and my dogs, how the cottage is doing, and I usually inquire as to her and her husband's well being.

She writes me back every month.

Perhaps exchanging handwritten (and typed) notes with your landlord every month isn't in your cards. But there has to be someone you can resurrect this bygone form of communication with.

Just today I dropped a card in the mail to my mom. It was nothing special - a handwritten note letting her know I was thinking about her and that I love her.

I mailed another note to a friend who recently left Fort Hood.

Of course, we text, email, Facebook and talk on the phone, but sometimes it's the little things that matter.

And the little thing of the day just might be writing someone a note and mailing it.

Holly Wise

KDH City Editor


Contact Holly Wise at hwise@kdhnews.com or (254) 501-7555

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I happen to have mailed off 2 notes today to family members when I mailed photos.-
I keep in contact with a grandson by letter/note form (1 page) ,I've been printing off some picture I think wll impress him and print it off on the top of page ,this time it was a print of the Alamo.
I also have a note/card relationship with a brother's grand-daughter,(6th grader).-I think its good to let young ones especially, know what its like to send and receive mail,they enjoy receiving it.
It gives them practice too for letter writing when they answer.

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