St. Patrick and Easter are the next set of holidays that are festive for a lot of people however it also means, you have to spend money on food, party supplies and clothes. Especially with Easter, it can be quite costly. Shop for the best deals now to save lots of money.


Commissaries are most favorable by military families due to the lower than average prices and no tax on groceries. There is a convenience fee charged to the purchase but in most cases, it is still lower than the federal tax rate.

There is an app to shop at the commissaries where you can clip digital coupons, look up store hours and recipes. This app is perfect for those that don’t want to carry their coupon binder around the store and for those that don’t have time to be clipping paper coupons and risk losing them.

Do you want to see what’s on sale before you head over to the store? You can go to, log in and check out the list of items on sale. You can also create your shopping list clicking on the items you need and it will also tell you what aisles they are in. You can also find out when they have their popular case lot sales!Talk about simplified savings!

You can also sign up at to check out the latest deals at your local commissary, Post Exchange, get special coupons and sign up for special giveaways.

If HEB is closer to you, they also have an app too. The app has digital yellow coupons and manufacturer coupons so there are lots of coupons to use. These coupons can be used on sale, clearance and quick sale food items. Sign up for emails through the website to receive sneak peeks of future deals or grab a free copy of the Fort Hood Herald every Wednesday to see the new sales flyer inside the newspaper.

With Easter coming up, HEB will start having sales on ham, chicken, and turkey. Keep an eye on their Combo Loco deals. You buy an item or two and you’ll get free items similar in the value you pay for the qualified items. You are guaranteed to save 40% or more on those deals.

If you are looking for deals on meats and produce and don’t mind freezing them, you will love the quick sale items. Quick sale produce is marked down 50% off and quick sale meats are marked down 25% off. The amount and selection of these quick sale items vary each day. The best time to get the quick sale items is in the mornings for the best pickings. You can use the applicable yellow coupons or digital coupons towards these items for deeper savings.


If you enjoy dressing up for Easter, you will find a lot of great deals on clothes for kids at Crazy 8, The Children’s Place and Justice for girls. Go to the website and sign up to receive notifications when their big sales start and for coupons.

For Easter clothes for adults, sign up for Kohls emails and their rewards program “Yes2Rewards”. You can use a % and $ off coupon on the same item.

The PX offers a variety of clothing that you can find, especially on sale or clearance. With no tax, this helps to save more money too.

I love shopping at the Round Rock Outlets so sign up for emails for exclusive offers. Before you start shopping there, go to the Customer Service desk, show your military ID to get a coupon booklet to save more money. Most of these coupons in the booklet can be used on sale items.

If you have certain stores you enjoy shopping at, go to the websites and sign up for emails of special coupons.

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