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Electronic Entertainment Expo: Impressions Part Four


My extended list of impressions of E3 news concludes, as indeed it must, with the old guard Nintendo. And my overall impression is: Wow. Nintendo introduced so many games that I was still being fed news via Twitter and Facebook while I took a necessary break to fetch some groceries.

You know back when I wrote about Bayonetta 2? Do you remember that I asked Nintendo to provide Bayonetta with good company on the Wii U if they insisted on keeping her exclusive? Some heathen god was apparently listening, because the company that could . . . has. New Zelda. New Star Fox. New Pokemon. Enough Mario to keep us all busy for years!

To begin with, there was a lot, and I do mean a lot of news about the new Smash Bros. The new fighters shown were the Miis, Pac-Man, and Palutena from Kid Icarus. The game is also getting its own version of the Skylanders figurines, called Amiibos. You’ll be able to customize special moves for your Miis, as well as whatever characters you have with Amiibos. It sounds complicated, but I’m sure someone will have it all figured out and will have a comprehensive guide out before I need worry about them.

There is going to be a new Legend of Zelda, and the theme is open world. I admit the trailer, if you can call it that, was gorgeous. I expected there wouldn’t be much gameplay, and there wasn’t: Just a rather androgynous Link shooting an awesome arrow at an enemy. But we were also assured that the game would be fairly non-linear. This announcement went hand-in-hand with the trailer for Hyrule Warriors, a Zelda-branded hack-in-slash. Link, along with Zelda and Midna; will duke it out with hoards of enemies, Dynasty Warriors -style.

We got yet more footage of Bayonetta 2, with my favorite witch! This one is definitely not a kid’s game, and I suspect the game is going to be ruinously difficult. Also not kid-friendly is Devil’s Third, an action game long stuck in development hell that is finally coming out.

We’re also getting Xenoblade Chronicles X, first announced last year, which looks interesting if nothing else. Another game which looked fun to me was Splatoon, a fun little paintball simulator in the style of Super Mario Sunshine. The goal is to cover more surfaces with paint than the opposing team. Simple premise, certainly, but it sounds like barrels of fun.

The announcement of the remake of Pokemons Ruby and Sapphire, as Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby. Still, the announcement of Mario Maker sounds like something that aims for and will reach its intended niche audience.

Speaking of Mario, the trailer for Yoshi’s Woolly World makes it look like an almost painfully adorable puzzle-platformer. We also got trailers for Kirby, Sonic Boom, and Mario Party, and less than that for Star Fox. I have to remind myself that each of these games has the capacity to be terrible, because they’re presented so well.

That wraps up my impressions of E3 2014. Overall, not a banner year for any company or gaming as a whole. Still, we’ve got a little bit of juicy gameplay footage to chew on. I’m not content with that, but I also know that I cannot expect much more from this particular event. Any game you’re looking forward to? Anything you think I should examine in more depth? Let me know in the comments section!