The big name in small games, this company produces a casual game every day.

Not everyone who sits down to play a game wants to kill enemy soldiers, run from deformed mutants, or begin a sprawling, epic journey through fantasy-scapes. Sometimes someone who has a PC or a Mac computer wants to play a small game, something with small goals or a small story, if it has any goals or story at all.

So if you want to sit down and play something which makes no large demands on your time or concentration, give the Big Fish Games website a look. Offering everything from hidden object to time management to Match-3 games, this website is the biggest name in small games.

Big Fish’s tagline is “A New Game Every Day,” and I believe it. My mother and I have been using the site for years, and though I can finish the average Big Fish hidden object game in a couple of hours, I've only played around a quarter of their library.

The words I would use to describe casual games such as those sold by Big Fish are “surprisingly addictive.” While you won’t really be doing much in even their most complicated of games, there is a strange sense of achievement to be had when you complete a hidden object scene without using a hint, or complete a particularly difficult level in a Match-3 game.

The website also offers a casino and free-to-play games, as well as a series of mobile iOS games based on popular titles from their regular library. I consider the site a smaller counterpart to Steam, in a manner of speaking. It makes getting your games easy, and they've been prompt with customer service the few times I've needed it.

To recommend a few titles as a starting point: Big Fish’s own Mystery Case Files Series is an excellent adventure hidden-object game series. Heroes of Hellas is my favorite Match-3 game. Finally, there’s a small but substantial section of lengthy adventure games in the “Large File” section. It’s a convenient place to get the beautiful, older game Syberia.

I'm the daughter of a veteran who spent my childhood in Killeen. As of 2013, I have a degree in English from the University of Texas at Austin. I'm a critic of books, films, television, and video games. Find me on Twitter: @rachel_knows

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