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Should You Buy? Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea

Bioshock Infinite was a shockingly good game. Far from just being a sequel to the original Bioshock, it was a streamlined first-person-shooter with a story that deconstructed the idea of a sequel. The final part of the game was less combat than it was a final twist so interesting and unexpected the head spins to think of it.

The story in Burial at Sea assumes you’ve not only finished the main game, but you’ve been able to fully understand the final swerve of the plot. Unfortunately, that means any and all discussion of it comes with a spoiler tag.

So here it is: SPOILERS!

The first Bioshock took place in Rapture, a massive city and alleged paradise on the bottom of the ocean. Bioshock Infinite took place in Columbia, a massive city and alleged paradise hovering high in the sky. At the end of Infinite, we discovered both cities were alternate universe versions of each other.

Bioshock Infinite’s twist was that, throughout the game, protagonist Booker Dewitt was actually fighting an alternate version of himself from a different timeline. The villain’s apparent daughter, Elizabeth, was actually Booker’s daughter, Anna, who was kidnapped from her universe and accidentally gained the power to breach timeline barriers in the process.

One question that peaked fan curiosity almost immediately was if alternate Bookers and Elizabeths lived in other universes, was there a Booker or an Elizabeth in Rapture?

Burial at Sea answers that question, kind of. The main character is Booker Dewitt, a hard-bitten detective in Rapture. A woman named Elizabeth, older and sexier than her Infinite counterpart, approaches him with a case. Rapture is seen in all its glory for the first time, which is pleasant.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking this story has no relation to the plot of Infinite. Just like the main game, it is definitely not a stand-alone story. Keep an eye out for hints to the inevitable twist ending.

If you like Bioshock, then buy Burial at Sea to see Rapture again. If you loved Infinite, this is pretty much more of the same. If you’re familiar with Infinite, but not the original Bioshock, then you may not understand some of the context, so choose wisely.

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