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The newest game you can add to the survival horror genre hall of fame: Outlast.

Survival horror games are enjoying a comeback. Thanks to the rise of horror game videos on YouTube, the genre is having a resurgence with several new releases.

In the survival horror genre, the most respected games leave the player feeling vulnerable in an enclosed space while malicious and intelligent enemies are actively seeking them out. That hall of fame includes Silent Hill, the first Resident Evil, Condemned, and Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

In each of those games, the element of helplessness is the secret to the whole thrill. These games give you all of the tools and control of an ordinary game, but still succeed at making you feel as though you are at the mercy of more powerful forces.

The newest game you can add to the hall of fame is Outlast.

In Outlast, you play as a freelance reporter investigating claims of corruption at a mountain asylum. When you arrive, the place is apparently deserted and you sneak inside. Once there, the horrors of the asylum find you. You cannot fight and have to run.

And you will run. You will run or you will die.

Outlast is not a game that gives you room to breathe. Your character is shuffled from one claustrophobic space to another. You’re being pursued by at least two relentless monsters. You will encounter the patients around every corner. 

Some of them will attack you. Most of them won’t. You’ll never be able to tell the difference between which ones will and won’t.

If you play this game, be prepared for lots of blood, violence and body horror. This is a game that will make your heart race. If you have any love of horror, then this is a game you should already have played. If you haven’t, get it now!

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