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Wednesday 02/08/2017
Pogo Pass! 60% off! Pay ONE Price for Several Venues!

I recently discovered PogoPass! It's a program that offers ONE price to several venues in specific areas. After you buy one, you have 12 months to use it.

When you purchase these tickets, use code SAVEALOTMOM and you will get 60% off! 

Right now, you'll get another $5 off instantly , just in time for Valentine's Day!

These make great gifts for kids as graduation gifts and summer time presents! Grandparents!, this is so perfect for your grand kids!

For more information or to sign up, go to this website HERE!

 Websites:(Based on area). Austin/Waco, San Antonio, Dallas, Las Vegas and Phoenix.

On Facebook too---> Austin/Waco, San Antonio, Dallas, Las Vegas and Phoenix.

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Tuesday 01/31/2017
Sign up for FREE Birthday Goodies!!!


COUPONING/MONEY SAVING TIP: Regardless of what age you are, you still deserve to eat like a king and queen on your birthday! Sign up at all your favorite restaurants and watch your email box flood with free food!

ANOTHER TIP: Use an alternative email address strictly for saving money. Use this email address to receive special offers when you go shopping for clothes! Make it a fun money saving name such as stingysue@gmail or supersaversteve@hotmail.


Please note that participation and offer from these restaurants can vary and change at any time.

Applebees: Free dessert with a purchase of an adult entree

Arbys’: Free small milkshake with a purchase

Auntie Anne’s: Free Pretzel

BJ’s: Free Dessert           

Boston Market: Free Individual Dessert with purchase of a combo

Buffalo Wild Wings: FREE Snack Size Wings or Dessert  

Chilis: Free Dessert with purchase of an Adult Entree

Dairy Queen: Buy One Get One Free Blizzard    

Denny’s: Free Grand Slam Meal

Dickey’s: Buy One Get One Free BBQ Sandwich

Dunkin Donuts: Free Medium Drink

El Chico: Free Fried Ice Cream

Firehouse Subs: Free Sub

Fuddrucker’s: Free 1/3 pound burger with a purchase of an adult entree

Genghis Grill: Free Birthday Bowl           

Great American Cookie: Free Cookie Cake Slice with purchase of a soda.

Hooters: 10 Free Wings

IHOP: Free Rooty Tooty Pancakes

Jack In the Box: Free Dessert

Jason’s Deli: $5 off coupon

Jersey Mike’s: Free sub and drink

Logan’s Roadhouse: Free Dessert with purchase of adult entree

McAlister’s: $5 off coupon

Olive Garden: Free Appetizer or Dessert with a purchase of 2 adult entrees.

Panera Bread: Free Pastry          

Papa Murphy’s: Free Cookie Dough Dessert

Red Lobster: $5 off 2 adult entrees         

Red Robin: Red Royalty Members get Free Burger          

Schlotzsky’s: Free Sandwich w/ purchase of drink & chips

Sonic: Free medium Tator Tots or Medium Drinks

Starbucks: Free Handcrafted Beverage for registered Starbucks Card Holders

Taco Bueno: Free Cheesecake Chimichanga with purchase of adult entree

Taco Cabana: Free Flauta plate

Texas Roadhouse: Free Appetizer or sidekick of ribs

TGIFriday’s: Free Dessert with purchase of adult entree

Wendy’s: $1 off combo

Which wich: Free Sandwich

Wingstop: Free large Fries for signing up and another gift for your birthday!

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Friday 01/27/2017
Savealotmom Pricing Expectations! How much should YOU pay???

After couponing for several years, I found a comfort zone in prices that I want to pay. I created my own guideline of prices that I am willing to pay. For all the new couponers, even the intermediates, this may help you to provide insight of what's a decent price. Use this as a guideline to help you find prices that will work for YOU!

*Savealotmom Pricing Expectations*


*Don’t pay more than……(My goal is to pay the prices below or less than the price stated below.)*

·         For toilet paper: $.30 per roll

·         Paper towels: $.50 per roll

·         Garbage bags: $.10 per bag

·         Diapers: $.20 per diaper

·         Baby wipes: $.03 per wipe

·         Dry Cat/Dog food: high quality: $1.35 per pound, average: $.90 per pound.

·         Shampoo/Conditioner: family size: $2 per bottle, regular size: $1ea

·         Shaving cream (men & women’s): $.75 per can

·         Razors (disposable-men & women’s): $.50 per razor

·         Makeup: $1 per item

·         Body wash: $2 per bottle

·         Bar of soap: $.30 per bar

·         Laundry Detergent: $2 per bottle (regular size)

·         Fabric Softener: $3 per bottle

·         Toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash: $.50 per item

·         Cereal: $1.50 per box

·         Cold Meds: $2 per bottle/package

·         Bread: $.90 per loaf

·         Soda (2Liters): $.85 per bottle

·         Coffee Creamer: $.90

·         Coffee: $2.25 per pound

·         Can of soup (any brand): $.80 per can

·         Can of veggies (any brand): $.50 per can

·         Ziploc bags: storage/gallon sizes $.10 per bag, sandwich sizes:

$.05 per bag

·         Aluminum Foil: 60sqft+:$2

·         Box of facial tissues: $.70

·         Bags of M&Ms, other candies: $1.50 per bag

·         Wrapping paper (holiday, birthdays, etc):$1 per roll

·         Feminine Products: pads/tampons: 10-20 per box - $1-2, 20-30 per

box - $2-3, 30+ per box - $4-5

·         Frozen pizza (decent brands): $3 per pie

·         Eggo Waffles: $1.75

·         Glade Candles and similar name brands: $1.25 per candle, single

oil refills: $1.50, double oil refills: $2.50

·         Dozen of eggs: $1.25

·         1 Gallon Milk: $2.75

·         Haircolor: $2 per box

·         Pasta:$.60 per box, Pasta Sauce: $.75 per jar

·         Deodorant: $1 each

·         Bottled Water: $.10 per bottle

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Thursday 01/26/2017
Guidelines for New Couponers

Couponing can be a lot of work and confusing if you don’t give yourself certain guidelines to start with.

Here are a few tips to help get you started:

  • Buy no more than two papers for now. Even though coupons vary in each insert, you will only use about 20 percent of the coupons in them when you are starting out. Cut out what you need. As you build up your comfort level, you will use more coupons and then you can buy more papers. This also applies when you print coupons from coupons.com and other printable coupon sites. Only print what you know you will definitely use. You don’t want to waste paper and ink. Invest in a wallet-size accordion style booklet or use Ziploc bags. Creating a binder should be the furthest project on your mind. They are very time consuming and it is not recommended for beginners — an investment that should be left to the seasoned couponer. For me, keeping my inserts whole and keeping them in an accordian style folder, separating them by dates and using CouponsInTheNews or CouponTom database will located specific coupons in the dated inserts. 
  • Join local coupon Facebook groups as well as store focused stores such as CVS (IheartCVS), Walgreens (Wild for Wags) and H-E-B (H-E-B Deals and Matchups). These will offer a lot of information such as the latest sales, breakdowns of purchases and tons of feedback from other like-minded savers.
  • Join a coupon swap in your area. This is a great way to meet other people, share tips and ideas and trade unwanted coupons for coupons that you need. You can have a coupon partner when shopping. Some of my dearest friends were met this way. I highly recommend it. Go to as many coupon classes as possible. Everyone saves money differently. Coupon organization, shopping behaviors and buying expectations will offer a variety of insight to help you decide what works best for you. Get to know the people that do these various ways of couponing. It’s a great learning process and keep your mind open for suggestions. I do caution that there are "teachers" that teach bad couponing habits so if you find that they are spending more time telling you why you can do this and that, be cautious!
  • Stick to two or three stores to do all the shopping. I recommend one grocery store (H-E-B or Walmart) and one drugstore, such as Walgreens or CVS. This gives you a chance to familiarize yourself with the coupon policies, rewards programs and how the stores are mapped out so you know where everything is.
  • H-E-B is probably the best store to start couponing, especially when you don’t have any coupons. H-E-B has the new phone app that provides digital coupons that you select right from your phone. No clipping or physical coupons to worry about.You can go the the H-E-B website for a tutorial on how the app works on your phone.
  • Don’t set high expectations and don’t compare yourself to others. This will sabotage your efforts. It takes time to master the art of savings. Some people dedicate more time therefore they learn faster. Go at your own pace. With patience and perseverance, saving money is achievable. You will make mistakes along the way and that is OK. Focus on what you can do right and learn from your mistakes.
  • Don't go crazy over quantities! We all love to stock up but you have to remember that anything liquid goes bad and loses its effectiveness usually within 6-8 months. Guess what? You'll end up throwing away those rancid products. You just lost money there. You want to buy up to 3 months worth of supplies. For paper products, up to a year. For each person in your house, you should buy a bottle for each month so three bottles for you for 3 months. If you have a total of 2 people in your house, you want to buy two bottles for each month so 6 bottles. If you end up getting 8 bottles, that's okay. 
  • Mark dates on your liquids. This will help you rotate your stock so you'll use your oldest products first.

Killeen Daily Herald ($1 Sundays/50 cents Wednesdays) and the Fort Hood Herald (free) offer about $200 worth of coupons every week. Inserts vary each week.

To see what inserts and coupons will be in the newspapers, sign up for emails from www.sundaycouponpreview.com to get advance listings.

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52 Week Challenge! Put yourself on a Financial Diet!

 The 52 week money challenge.

You use dollar bills for this challenge, and you do this every week.

I prefer to start with week 52: $52 then work my way down to week 1: $1. This way, you are starting with a high amount, paying less each month.

Some people prefer to start week one with $1, week two at $2 and etc. 

Either way, you will save $1,378 by the end of the year. The key is to be consistent.

The 30 day challenge 

You can do this with dollars and you do it every day. Day 1 you put in $1. Monday, you put in $2. You can use a calendar for this, folding your dollar bills.

By day 30, should have put $30 that day.

The first month, you’ll have $465.00 saved if you save everyday for the month. If you do this every day for 365 days, you will have saved $5766.00. You can do this with dimes or quarters instead of dollar bills.

An extra tip: 

Empty your pockets and purses for loose change.

My husband empties his pockets every night and puts the loose change in a jar in his closet. He doesn’t like carrying coins around so this works for him well.

My husband had over $700 worth of loose change last year. Could you imagine how much you could save if each family member did this???

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Tuesday 01/17/2017
Make Money while WALKING!! Get PAID to Walk or Run!

Did you know that you can earn points, not just by making purchases at Walgreens, but also by incorporating a healthier lifestyle? If you are walking, trying to lose weight or even trying to quit smoking, Walgreens rewards you for THAT!

Click HERE for all the details and to find out how to get started! You will be glad you did!

If you walk 5 miles a day, that's 100 points! Do that for a week and that's 700 points! Do it for 30 days and that's 2100 points!!! That's over $2 worth of points a month! For 365 days, you'll have $25 worth of points! That just for walking! Connect your Fitbit and it will track it for you!

Are you trying to quit smoking? Do you check your blood pressure everyday? Monitor your blood sugar? Do you do other exercise? You get points for THAT too!!!

Can you imagine what other healthy rewards you can earn in addition to that?! Link several websites/app to ONE device and watch you make money while maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

Here are some that you can check out and join!

Achievemint You get cash to walk. This is a website that tracks your steps with your Fitbit or other step tracking devices.

CharityMiles: Earn money for your local charity!

Gigwalk: Pick up "gigs" in your area. You can make anywhere between $3 up to $100!

There are tons but some are in the U.K and some have bad reviews they are not listed.

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Monday 01/16/2017
Recipe and cost breakdown of these AMAZING Cauliflower "Breadsticks"

Are you looking for healthy finger foods? It seems like all the food made for watching the games, for baby showers and other parties are greasy, fattening and expensive!

What if I told you you can eat healthy as in gluten free, low carb and vegetarian and save money on making your own finger food??? I made caluliflower "breadstciks and they were AMAZING! There is actually no breading in this!

What you need: (I added the prices I paid for the ingredients, which mostly got from Alid's)

1 head of caluliflower ($1.79)

2 eggs (bought a dozen from Aldi's for $.57, $.04 per egg)

16 oz of shredded mozzeralla ($1.79)

8 oz of shredded parmesan (from a 16 oz bag) ($1.49)

1 tablespoon of minced garlic ($2 jar)

1 tablespoon of italian seasoning ($1.29)

a dash of salt and pepper

Total approximate cost: $5.30 to make for 10 people if you cut in short strips!

Mix together. Spread on a greased baking sheet and bake for 15-25 minutes at 350 degrees. Baking time varies on how thick/thin you make it so when it turns a very light brown, remove from oven. 

You can use spaghetti sauce, ranch or blue cheese for dipping! 

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Saturday 01/14/2017
This is what $20 looks like in a Gas Tank! Love GasBuddy!

 I use GasBuddy to find the lowest prices on gas and the Harker Heights Sam's Club had the lowest price so I wanted to see how much I could fill up for $20! Almost a full tank! Woo hoo!

Normally, I go to the Harker Heights Walmart and here's why....I use Cardpool to buy discounted gift cards and I buy Walmart gift cards and go to their gas station to fill up. If you use a Walmart Shopping Gift Card, you get an additional $.03 off! So using a discounted gift card and getting an additional $.03 off already the lowest prices, that is the ultimate savings! Click HERE to get an additional $5 off your gift card purchase from Cardpool!

I use GasBuddy.com to find the closest gas stations at the lowest prices. This gives me more control on where the lowest gas prices are...the closer, the better!

COUPONING/MONEY SAVING TIP: If you spend an average of $40 to fill up your tank or to "top if off" , here's a great way to be more conscious of your gas usage. Buy a Walmart gift card (from Cardpool) Let's say you only used $35 from that gift card so you will have $5 left on it. Hold on to it or use it on a quick purchase of bread and milk. Or save the gift cards and use them for the holidays. You may have a lot of gift card with small balances, such as 10 gift cards with $5 left on each, that's $50 you don't need to dig into your wallet for! 

Challenge yourself to find the best deals on gas prices, using GasBuddy and make that moolah on your gift card count!

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Friday 01/13/2017
Beginner’s guide to Couponing! Great Tips!

If you want to start couponing and don’t know where to start, here are a few suggestions for a smooth beginning.

Start with a couponing buddy and do your homework. Getting the experience and learning about the DOs and DON'Ts, the store coupon policies, and the methods on how to do it is purely hands on. Classes are essential however, the information given to you is as valuable as you actually use the tools you have been provided with,

Mistakes will happen, consider them a learning experience. There’s a lot involved when trying to save money.

Coupons and inserts: You can buy all of these newspapers at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy and gas stations: Killeen Daily Herald (Wednesday, 50 cents, Sundays, $1; Austin American-Statesman, street vendors, $1, stores, $2.50; Dallas Morning New, $3; Temple Daily Telegram, $1. You also can print coupons from Coupons.com, Walmart.com, and Target.com. Until you know exactly what you want to print, stick to products you already use. Don't clip the coupons. Leave them as whole inserts. Do you notice that when sharing a deal, most couponers state what date the coupon inserts came out? On the edge of the inserts, on the folded end, in fine print, the date is typed in the crease. So, storing the whole coupons inserts in a large version of an accordian style folder, arranging them by dates makes it so much easier to pull out and look for the coupon in the insert than to clip every coupon out. Did you know that you only use 20 to 30% of the coupons in EACH insert? Think of all the time you wasted cutting out coupons that you end up not using at all!

Coupon swaps: These free gatherings are a great way to meet other couponers with different levels of experience: beginner, intermediate and advanced. At these swaps, although you are not required to bring coupons, there are plenty of coupons that will be available to take home.

Check out local couponing pages for more information. I highly advise that you go to various couponing classes from different groups because each person that teaches, offers many different ways of saving and organizing their coupons. Even though I discourage paying for classes, it would be worth it if you wholeheartedly plan on dedicating time and effort to saving money.  I do caution that some "teachers" are not ethical and teach bad habits so definitely ask questions and know the risks involved. Anyone that teaches the wrong way will spend more time convincing you why they do it rather than help you save money the right way.

Also attend Savealotmom group shops. This is an awesome way to get firsthand experience with couponing in stores. Check the EVENTS tab on the Savealotmom page for updates.

Stress-free couponing tips: Shop later in the week. Usually during the first part of the week, many couponers clean out the shelves to get the best deals, but if you shop later in the week, the stores restock from a new shipment.

If an item is not available in stores, get a rain check, which guarantees the sale price of the out-of-stock item.

The major perk of rain checks is that you have plenty of time to use them. Depending on the store that issues them, some rain checks guarantee the price up to 60 days, and some never expire.

Coupons come and go: If you don’t get an item in time, there’s always another coupon that will come out again soon. Coupons and sales come in cycles, generally every 4-6 weeks so if you missed a sale, it will come back. Just make sure you stock up.

Do not shop the first or the 15th of the month, when many people get paid. Weekends and holidays are another bad time to shop with coupons. There are lots of customers in stores at those times who may distract and overwhelm you, and it can sabotage your savings.

It also doesn’t help if you have a cashier who is frustrated. It’s hard to make a cashier understand when there’s a conflict with your purchase when they are like that. If you do have to shop at these crazy times, try to go early in the morning or at night after dinner. It will be less crowded, and stress levels won’t be as high.

Review your favorite grocery store’s coupon policy and ask questions. Do your research before you shop.

Print off the store’s coupon policy and take it with you when you shop. If an issue arises, you’ll have it with you as a guide. Even though the coupon policy is a set of guidelines, managers and cashiers do have the right to limit and refuse your coupons so if your coupon(s) are denied, be respectful and don't give them a hard time. Remember, you represent a couponing community...be nice!

Here are some popular sites to follow to help you get started: Savealotmom, www.SuperCouponLady.com, www.couponmom.com, www.grocerycouponnetwork.com, www.hip2save.com, www.raininghotcoupons.com,  and www.thekrazycouponlady.com.

And check out these specialized store deals: TotallyTarget, WildforWags and IHeartCVS.

Now you’re ready to start saving!

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Friday 01/06/2017
Couponing/Money Saving Tip: Earn Free Food with Rewards from Various Restaurants!

Did you know there are lots of local restaurants that offer discounts and free food? Before you head out to eat, go to a restaurant’s website to sign up for coupons using an email address just for coupons and offers. Having a special email will keep your personal and professional email organized. Many area restaurants also offer reward programs. Here are a few:

TGIFridays: “Give Me More Stripes” Rewards. This free program offers a variety of rewards. When you join, you will get a certificate emailed to you for a free dessert or appetizer. You will also get a “Jump the Line” Pass, which means you can go on a busy night and use the printed pass to bypass the waiting patrons and get seated in minutes. You will receive one stripe for each $1 spent (excludes alcohol, gift card purchases and gratuity). Stripes earn free food and a variety of discounts. Throughout the year, the restaurant will send special offers, including on your birthday. Go to www.tgifridays.com.

Chili’s Bar and Grill: “My Chili’s Rewards” is now set up with Plenti, a a new program that recently started. You earn food based on your visits! For all the details of this free program, go to www.chilis.com.

Panera Bread: “My Panera” Rewards offers complimentary food based on purchases. If you buy sandwiches often, you may receive a discount or an offer for a free sandwich. Special offers vary depending on how many times you visit and what you purchase. For specific details, go to www.panerabread.com.

Genghis Grill, Starbucks, Papa John’s Pizza, El Chico’s and Logan’s Roadhouse also offer reward programs.

Red Lobster,  Texas Roadhouse, Applebees and Olive Garden don’t have rewards programs, but do offer coupons when you sign up online.

Other restaurants offer reward programs for a small fee, increasing rewards to members, but they’re only ideal for patrons who visit them frequently.

For example, Pluckers offers the “Pluckers Club,” with a wide variety of benefits. For a fee, you, your significant other and your kids can get free meals on their birthdays. You get 1 point for each $1 spent to used toward future food purchases. You also receive special offers via email and text message. Review all the benefits at www.Pluckers.com.

So check out the rewards programs at your favorite restaurants!

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Thursday 01/05/2017
Save Money with Gluten Free Healthy Loaded Baked Potato Soup!

I often get questions from my followers about how to save money on healthier foods. It seems nowadays, coupons are for junk food and candies. For 2017, I decided to amp up on sharing more recipes that are healthy yet share where to find the best deals on fruits and vegetables.

One of my favorite soups to make is loaded baked potato soup but I decided to use alternatives. Instead of using chicken stock, I used vegetable stock. The vegetable stock actually carries more flavor! I also changed the thickener. I replaced cornstarch/flour with pureed potatoes!

Here are the following ingredients that I used and bought:

Potatoes: HEB has 5 lb bag for $1.58, 10 lbs for $2.98. (Current sale)

Organic Baby Carrots: Aldi's has $.89 one lb bag (current sale)

Celery and Onions at HEB less than $.60 each  (previous sale)

 HEB Vegetable Stock approximately $1 (previous sale)  

 Turkey Bacon: Walgreens for $.84. (previous sale. Currently: it's $.94 at Aldi's!)

This is my own recipe so you can alter it as needed.

You will need one cooking pan and one big pot, one to boil potatoes & carrots and a big pan to mix everything in.

*Cut up about 1-2 pounds of potatoes quarter/half dollar sizes (I used half bag of 3 lb bag).

*Slice baby carrots in half or quarters.

*Boil both in a pan hot water til they are soft.

*While boiling the potatoes and carrots, dice your onions (about 3/4 cup) and celery (3/4 cup) and sautee with 4-5 tablespoon of butter in a big pot. Cook til they are translucent and lightly browned.

*Drain the water from the boiled soft potatoes and carrots. Take 2 cups of the cooked potatoes only and puree them in a blender or mash them yourself with 5-8 tablespoon of milk.

 *Add the drained vegetables to the big pot of cooked onions and celery. Add whole box of vegetable stock and the pureed potatoes to the big pot and mix.

Add about 1 cup of sour cream and 1 pack (16 oz) of shredded cheddar cheese into the big pot and mix in with existing ingredients. You can start off with a small amount of sour cream and cheese and adjust accordingly.

If you want to add meat, I used turkey bacon. I cooked the bacon, cut in small pieces and mixed in the soup.

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Local Fraudulent Coupon Usage. Prevention Tips.

Coupon Information Center is a resourceful website that has up to date lists of counterfeit coupons, information about the latest couponing changes and even discusses ethical couponing! (my favorite topic!)

I posted a photo an example of a counterfeit coupon that is being generated illegally. The site has a link of all the counterfeit coupons that you can review so if you come across one, you can report it to CIC. Click HERE to see the list of counterfeit coupons. Generally, they are high valued coupons and unfortunately, alot of couponers locally are seen with these fraudulent coupons. Don't they know that all eyes are on them and word gets around???  It's just a matter of time. HERE is a recent story of a woman using high valued coupons and got arrested for it.

If you see suspicious activities on FB, click HERE to submit a super simple form and investigation may be initiated.

I look at the CIC as the "FBI of Coupons". The organization itself does not apprehend the suspects but they do work closely with law enforcement to stop shady activities. They do internal investigations so all the verfied information are given to police. CIC is largely responsible for changing the selling rules on eBay on coupons.

CIC investigates not only fake coupons but also shares ethical couponing tips and what dictates bad couponing behaviors.

Click HERE to check out the website. They have a wealth of knowledge and it's a great learning experience for everyone, even the advanced couponers.

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Wednesday 01/04/2017
The Healthiest Brownies That Is Easy On The Waist & Wallet!

I'm quite sure that a lot of people have resolutions that include healthy eating and being more financially responsible for 2017. 

Well, to help you out, I found a recipe that is healthy for you and it doesn't cost much to make! So, I didn't break anyone's New year's resolutions!

This recipe is gluten free, Paleo friendly AND no artificial sugars! You are probably thinking it tastes nasty. Well, believe it or not, it taste delicious! The flavor is chocolaty, very moist and dense, almost a cross between a fudge and a brownie! 

This is what it is in these yummy brownies:

avocados, coconut oil, coconut flour, eggs, honey, baking soda, baking powder and cocoa powder! 

You can buy the following items at Aldi's:

The avocados $.33 each! ($.33x3=$.99

Coconut Oil $5.39 (used one tbspn so approx. $.10 per tbspn)

Eggs $.59 a dozen ($.05 per egg, used three=$.15)

The rest I bought on sale at Walgreen's and HEB (I got super cheap!)

The honey is from Z's Bees, which is a local business that sells honey from this area. If you have allergies, honey, especially the wildflower, helps with that because the bees deliver the honey carrying allergens that boost your defenses against allergies. If you buy honey from a different part of Texas or out of state, the allergens are different from Killeen area so it won't help. Check out their website HERE and Facebook page HERE to check out the large variety of honey and honey products!

So, based on the prices I paid, each batch of brownies cost about $2.50 to make!)

Here's the RECIPE that I used to make these dark treats!

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Saturday 12/31/2016
Want to save money in 2017? Here are ways to do it

When you think of New Year’s resolutions, most of the time, you think of diets, changing old habits and becoming a better person. It takes physical and mental changes to make it work.

What if I told you that you can do all in a financially, easy way? Put your wallet and bank account on a diet. Instead of losing, you are focusing on gaining money.

Change those spending habits by searching for deals online: websites, store emails, Facebook pages from your favorite stores and looking at the sales fliers and coupon inserts found in the Killeen Daily Herald.

If you are ready to be more financially conscious of your spending, you are already on your way to being a better you.

The 30 day challenge will help you stay on track.

You can do this with dollars and you do it every day. Day 1 you put in $1. Monday, you put in $2. 

By day 30, should have put $30 that day.

The first month, you’ll have $465.00 saved. If you do this every day for 365 days, you will have saved $5766.00. You can do this with dimes or quarters too! 

There’s also the 52-week money challenge. You use dollar bills for this challenge, and you do this every week. I prefer to start with week 52: $52 then work my way down to week 1: $1. You will save $1,378 by the end of the year. The key is to be consistent.

Do direct deposit by opening a savings account and having a small amount of your paycheck go into the account. You are contributing to your savings without actually doing anything. If you get paid biweekly, you can stash away $15 each paycheck, and you will have $390 saved by the end of the year. If you save $15 each week, that would get you $780 by the end of the year.

I recommend you do one of the challenges and direct deposit to maximize your savings.

The direct deposit ($15 every two weeks) and 365-day challenge will save you $966.60 a year. The direct deposit and 52-week challenge will save you $1,768 a year. Could you imagine how much money you would have if a second person in your household did this, too?

Empty your pockets and purses for loose change. My husband empties his pockets every night and puts the loose change in a jar in his closet. He doesn’t like carrying coins around so this works for him well.

My husband had over $700 worth of loose change last year.

The jar we have has a special lid on it that counts each coin he adds to it. It can tell if he puts pennies, nickels, dimes or quarters in.

I prefer to empty my loose change at the end of every week.

I clean out all the coins from inside my wallet as well as the bottom of my purse.

I encourage this for kids, too. My 6-year-old saved $90, just for collecting and putting away for six months. The process teaches the value of savings.

Create monthly spending goals which will keep you motivated.

This will help curb and rationalize your spending.

Start January on a low goal because if you put your goal too high, it will become unrealistic and fail.

Begin by taking at least 5 percent of your paycheck, and that is your goal to save at the end of the month.

For example, if you bring home $1,500 every month, your goal will be to have $75 left in your bank account.

For February, you can raise it up to 6 percent, which is a goal of $90.

If you are struggling to maintain the $75, stick with 5 percent for three months, and you’ll save $225.

Change it when you need to, but maintain the challenge.

Either way, you will see the money grow in your account. Having this extra money will save you when emergencies and last-minute repairs come up.

Whether you do one, some or all of the financial diets, they are doing the same purpose — promoting the well-being of your financial health.

Editor's note: Jennise Colin-Ventura's blog, also known as savealotmom, appears regularly at kdhnews.com.

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Thursday 12/01/2016
$.59 Party Taco Every Thursday at Taco Bueno!

Thursday is $.59 Party Taco day....all day, all night!

Make sure you sign up for meals from Taco Bueno. You could save a lot of money by taking advantage of their daily deals! Go HERE to sign up for their special offers! You will get a special coupon for signing up!

Follow Taco Bueno On Facebook HERE, Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE!

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Wednesday 11/30/2016
Applebees Wednesday Wings! All You Can Eat!

Wow! Applebees is offering all you can eat wings today! For $12.99, you can eat as many as you like!

TIP: Sign up for emails from Applebees so you don't miss out on great offers like this! No coupons needed! Just let your server know that you would like the"All you Can Eat Chicken Wings!" Go HERE to sign up for emails!

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Tuesday 11/29/2016
Cinemark $5 Movies every Tuesday!

Every Tuesday at Cinemark, you can watch a movie for $5!

Sign up for weekly special offers HERE!

Click HERE to check out their other daily specials!

"Like" them on Facebook, on Instagram and they are also on Twitter too!

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Denny's Kids Eat FREE Every Tuesday!

Every Tuesday, kids up to 10 years old, eat FREE between 4-10pm. You can get up to two free kids meals per adult entree. Before you drive to your local Denny's, call to make sure they are participating.

Sign up for emails from Denny's HERE so you know about the latest special offers!

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Monday 11/28/2016
**CONTEST!!** P&G Insert Giveaways!

 Who wants to win FOUR December P&G inserts?

Select a number between 1-300. Share this post and you get a second chance to guess another number! Under this post, in the same line, add your first guess and type "shared" along with the second guess. Just make sure you SHARE to qualify! Tag your friends and family who would love to WIN!

** If the winner lives in the Killeen, Cove, Fort Hood or Heights, they will be required to pick up their prize. If the winner is outside the specified area, winner will have an alternative prize mailed to them.

Contest starts NOW and ends tonight Nov. 28th at 9pm. Winner will be announced shortly after.

I will pick two winners! If the winner(s) has the word "shared" on their lucky number, they will get double the prize....EIGHT P&G Inserts!!

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Every Monday is Seniors Day at Cinemark!

Any one that is 62 years old or older can see a movie for less than $6 when you watch a showing on Mondays! Certain exclusions apply. See website or call to speak with a manager for details.

If you download the Cinemode App, you can get coupons for your next visit!

Sign up for weekly special offers HERE!

Click HERE to check out their other daily specials!

"Like" them on Facebook, on Instagram and they are also on Twitter too!

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Thursday 10/27/2016
El Chico's Kid's Meal for $.99!

Craving Tex Mex and want a great deal? Sign up for El Chico's E Club and you will get special offers in your email! Go HERE to sign up!

*El Chico Cafe:  Kids meals are .99 on Thursday w/an adult entree purchase.     

TIP: Make sure you use an email address strictly to receive coupons and special offers. This will keep your personal and business emails much simpler and cleaner!

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Wednesday 10/26/2016
Buffalo Wild Wings Kids Eat for $1.99 on Wednesdays!!

Buffalo Wild Wings is offering $1.99 meals for kids under the age of 12, with adult entrée purchase.

Sign up for special offers and coupons HERE!

"Like" them on Facebook HERE.

On Twitter HERE.

And Instagram HERE.

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Genghis Military Wednesday! $8.99 for Bowl & Drink!

Genghis Grill is now offering a special discount every Wednesday for Military! For $8.99, soldiers will receive a regular bowl and drink!

I confirmed with the Harker Heights location that soldiers HAVE TO BE IN UNIFORM to receive this special offer. You cannot provide the military ID card. If you live in another city or state and want to know if your local Genghis Grill is offering it, please call your nearest restaurant to find out. Click HERE to look for your local restaurant's phone number.

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Tuesday 10/25/2016
FREE Kids' Meals at Hooters!

Every Tuesday, kids, 12 and under, can eat FREE at Hooters with a purchase of an adult meal!

Sign up HERE for special offers from the HootClub! Click HERE to "Like" them on FB and on Twitter HERE!

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Monday 10/24/2016
Fuddruckers $.99 Kid's Meal Every Monday!

Every Monday, kids can eat for $.99 at Fuddruckers!

Click HERE to sign up for the Fudds Club! You will receive emails of special offers!

Make sure you "Like" them on Facebook and Twitter!

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Texas Roadhouse $1.99 Kids' Meals! Every Monday!

Texas Roadhouse  offers kids meals for $1.99 every Monday!

This restaurant really caters to the parents when it comes to Kids' Night.  After the parents order,  the kids get their meals first so by the time the parents get their meals, the kids are done with their food and they get to go to a special area of the restaurant where they are supervised, get to color and play with other kids! They also get a balloon to take home. This way, the parents have some adult alone time while the kids play! Now, that's customer service!

"Like" them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and Instagram! Sign up for special offers HERE! Don't miss out on savings at your favorite restaurant! You'll get a FREE Appetizer for signing up!

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Plucker's Kids Eat Free Every Tuesday!

Every Tuesday, kids, 12 and under,  eat FREE at Plucker's! Drinks are not included and  two per adult entree is required!

Inquire about their rewards program! It becomes very beneficial if you eat there often! Click HERE for the details!

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Local Restuarants that offer FREE Kids Meals or low cost meals!

Here are some of the restaurants in the area that either offer FREE Kids's Meals or super cheap meals for the kids!

Please note that these offers are at the discretion of the managers and could change at any time so please call ahead to ensure they are still offering these specials!

 I do want to say that Texas Roadhouse really caters to the parents when it comes to Kids' Night.  After the parents order,  the kids get their meals first and by the time the parents get their meals, the kids are done with theirs and they get to go to a special area of the restaurant where they are supervised, get to color and play with other kids! They also get a balloon to take home. This way, the parents have some adult alone time while the kids play! Now, that's customer service!

Restaurants that offer FREE Kids’ Meals or Special Valued Meals



 *Dickey’s Barbecue Pit : Kids that are 12 and under get to eat for free on Sundays (dine in only). One adult entree and child’s drink is a required purchase for each free kids’ meal.                                                                                                                     

 *Firehouse Subs: Kids Eat free on Sundays w/the purchase of an adult combo.              

 *IHop:  Kids eat Free after 4pm, for every adult entrée purchase, everyday.          

 *Jason’s Deli: Eligible for kids’ meals when they sign up for the Kids’ Cash Rewards program.                                                                                                                 

 *Schlotzsky’s: Kids eat free on Sundays, with a purchase of an adult entrée.                

 *CiCi’s: Kids under 3 eat free.                                                                              



 *Fuddrucker’s: Kids 12 and under can eat for .99 from the kids’ menu all day on Mondays.                                                                                               *Golden Corral:  Children 10 and under eat free from 5pm to 9pm on Mondays at Golden Corral. Limited to 2 kids per 1 adult.                                                              

*Texas Roadhouse: Mondays,$1.99 Kids Meals, special area in the restaurant where kids can color and take home a balloon! 12 years and under.                                      

 *IHop:  Kids eat Free after 4pm, for every adult entrée purchase, everyday (til September 25th).          

 *Jason’s Deli: Eligible for kids’ meals when they sign up for the Kids’ Cash Rewards program.                                                                                             *CiCi’s: Kids under 3 eat free.   



 *Pluckers:  Kids eat free on Tuesdays. (two per adult entree and drinks are not included.)         

 *Hooters: Kids Eat free all day Tuesday with an adult entrée purchase.                   

 *Denny’s:  Kids eat free from 4pm-10pm on Tuesdays, with each adult entree).       

 *IHop:  Kids eat Free after 4pm, for every adult entrée purchase, everyday (til September 25th) .          

 *Jason’s Deli: Eligible for kids’ meals when they sign up for the Kids’ Cash Rewards program.                                                                                                                 

 *CiCi’s: Kids under 3 eat free.   



 *Boston’s:  Kids Eat Free on Wednesdays.  Limit one per adult Entree.                    

 *Buffalo Wild Wings: $1.99 Kid’s Meal with adult entrée purchase on Wednesdays.

 *IHop:  Kids eat Free after 4pm, for every adult entrée purchase, everyday (til September 25th) .          

 *Jason’s Deli: Eligible for kids’ meals when they sign up for the Kids’ Cash Rewards program.                                                                                                                 

 *CiCi’s: Kids under 3 eat free.   



*El Chico Cafe:  Kids meals are .99 on Thursday w/an adult entree purchase.       

 *IHop:  Kids eat Free after 4pm, for every adult entrée purchase, everyday (til September 25th) .         

 *Jason’s Deli: Eligible for kids’ meals when they sign up for the Kids’ Cash Rewards program.                                                                                                                

*CiCi’s: Kids under 3 eat free.   



 *IHop:  Kids eat Free after 4pm, for every adult entrée purchase, everyday (til September 25th) .          

 *Jason’s Deli: Eligible for kids’ meals when they sign up for the Kids’ Cash Rewards program.                                                                                                               

  *CiCi’s: Kids under 3 eat free.   



 *IHop:  Kids eat Free after 4pm, for every adult entrée purchase, everyday (til September 25th) .          

 *Jason’s Deli: Eligible for kids’ meals when they sign up for the Kids’ Cash Rewards program.                                                                                                                 

 *CiCi’s: Kids under 3 eat free.   


If you know other restaurants in the area that are offering free meals or specially priced meals for kids, please let me know so I can update this list! Thank you!


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Rosa's Taco Tuesday! $4.39 for a 3 Taco plate!

Sign up for emails from Rosa's Cafe! Today is their Taco Tuesday Plate for $4.39! Sign up HERE to receive emails of special offers!!

You can also find Rosa's Tortilla Factory on Twitter and on Facebook!

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Thursday 09/15/2016
Is Selling Stockpiles Illegal?!?!

The opinions about stockpile sales is generally a hot topic, often highly charged by various couponers.

I want to share both sides, including my stance on this. Either way, selling is VERY RISKY. 

My view is that having a stockpile acquired by couponing is for you and your family, in terms of needs. The BASIC PRINCIPLE of couponing is to help you save money, not meant for you to profit off of by use of sales. Yes, it is yours, you do whatever you like with it but that doesn't validate your actions to sell it.  It's like buying an item, deciding you don't want it so you sell it online or at a yard sale...understandable. BUT!!!! You are buying large quantities with the intention to make a profit with the use of couponing (which I mentioned is to help you save, not to make money) so that makes it an argumentative point.....the intention of why you buy....is it for your family or to sell?

Selling stockpile is NOT illegal to do however, there are certain laws, statutes and regulations by the city, county and state that may control this, as well as stipulations by the manufacturer companies.

If you are selling your stockpiles, here is what you need to know and the risks involved:

If you are selling on a daily basis or weekly, you need to have a tax ID number obtained by the IRS. You have a business, a service to sell products at a discounted price for the general public. It does not matter how you obtained these items, at any time that you are selling items, you need a business tax ID because you are making a profit/income so you have to report it to the IRS. Failure to report can incur fines. Customers can report you plus posting on social media sites is very risky exposure for you.

Call the city, county and state offices to find out if there are any regulations to having a business out of your home. There are certain restrictions you must adhere to or you can receive a citation to failure to comply. You may have to pay for a permit depending on how many times a year you do it. If you sold your stockpile twice a year, that is different because you are not a continual business. It's like having a yard/garage sale so no tax ID is required.

There are many risks involved:  

Your customers can have a bad reaction from an expired or outdated product and you can be sued in civil court to pay hospital expenses and/or reported by the IRS. Stockpiles are often stored in extreme temperatures (hot and cold) and causes, especially liquid, them to go bad/rancid quickly. Places includes garages, bathrooms, storage sheds, basements and attics....these are the WORST places to sell out of! How long it has been stored in these types of temperatures?? 

There are sellers that switch liquids....for example, taking the Tide liquid out of the Tide bottle and replace with a generic detergent into the Tide bottle. P&G frowns upon that BIG TIME.  So how do the customers know if they are getting the real deal??   Again, customers could get a bad reactions and you are liable.                              

Any products from P&G and even from the PX (Post Exchange on military installations) are prohibited to second hand sales (you selling it). Most likely, the companies are not going to chase after you but you never know.  You could receive a cease & desist letter from the company, if customers filed a complaint through them. 

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