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Thursday 09/15/2016
Is Selling Stockpiles Illegal?!?!

The opinions about stockpile sales is generally a hot topic, often highly charged by various couponers.

I want to share both sides, including my stance on this. Either way, selling is VERY RISKY. 

My view is that having a stockpile acquired by couponing is for you and your family, in terms of needs. The BASIC PRINCIPLE of couponing is to help you save money, not meant for you to profit off of by use of sales. Yes, it is yours, you do whatever you like with it but that doesn't validate your actions to sell it.  It's like buying an item, deciding you don't want it so you sell it online or at a yard sale...understandable. BUT!!!! You are buying large quantities with the intention to make a profit with the use of couponing (which I mentioned is to help you save, not to make money) so that makes it an argumentative point.....the intention of why you buy....is it for your family or to sell?

Selling stockpile is NOT illegal to do however, there are certain laws, statutes and regulations by the city, county and state that may control this, as well as stipulations by the manufacturer companies.

If you are selling your stockpiles, here is what you need to know and the risks involved:

If you are selling on a daily basis or weekly, you need to have a tax ID number obtained by the IRS. You have a business, a service to sell products at a discounted price for the general public. It does not matter how you obtained these items, at any time that you are selling items, you need a business tax ID because you are making a profit/income so you have to report it to the IRS. Failure to report can incur fines. Customers can report you plus posting on social media sites is very risky exposure for you.

Call the city, county and state offices to find out if there are any regulations to having a business out of your home. There are certain restrictions you must adhere to or you can receive a citation to failure to comply. You may have to pay for a permit depending on how many times a year you do it. If you sold your stockpile twice a year, that is different because you are not a continual business. It's like having a yard/garage sale so no tax ID is required.

There are many risks involved:  

Your customers can have a bad reaction from an expired or outdated product and you can be sued in civil court to pay hospital expenses and/or reported by the IRS. Stockpiles are often stored in extreme temperatures (hot and cold) and causes, especially liquid, them to go bad/rancid quickly. Places includes garages, bathrooms, storage sheds, basements and attics....these are the WORST places to sell out of! How long it has been stored in these types of temperatures?? 

There are sellers that switch liquids....for example, taking the Tide liquid out of the Tide bottle and replace with a generic detergent into the Tide bottle. P&G frowns upon that BIG TIME.  So how do the customers know if they are getting the real deal??   Again, customers could get a bad reactions and you are liable.                              

Any products from P&G and even from the PX (Post Exchange on military installations) are prohibited to second hand sales (you selling it). Most likely, the companies are not going to chase after you but you never know.  You could receive a cease & desist letter from the company, if customers filed a complaint through them. 

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Sonic Buy One Get One FREE Wings TODAY!

Today after 5pm, you can buy one order of wings and get the second order for FREE! This goes onto til Thursday night!

Includes 6pc, 12pc & 24 pieces only.  Cannot be combined with other offers. Only at participating locations. While supplies last. Of equal or lesser value.

If you owe someone lunch, this would be perfect!

No Coupon needed! Just ask for the special offer when ordering! Go HERE to "Like" them on FB! Go HERE to sign up for MYSONIC emails of special offers and freebies!

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Savealotmom Pricing Expectations! How much should YOU pay???

After couponing for several years, I found a comfort zone in prices that I want to pay. I created my own guideline of prices that I am willing to pay. For all the new couponers, even the intermediates, this may help you to provide insight of what's a decent price. Use this as a guideline to help you find prices that will work for YOU!

*Savealotmom Pricing Expectations*


*Don’t pay more than……(My goal is to pay the prices below or less than the price stated below.)*

·         For toilet paper: $.30 per roll

·         Paper towels: $.50 per roll

·         Garbage bags: $.10 per bag

·         Diapers: $.20 per diaper

·         Baby wipes: $.03 per wipe

·         Dry Cat/Dog food: high quality: $1.35 per pound, average: $.90 per pound.

·         Shampoo/Conditioner: family size: $2 per bottle, regular size: $1ea

·         Shaving cream (men & women’s): $.75 per can

·         Razors (disposable-men & women’s): $.50 per razor

·         Makeup: $1 per item

·         Body wash: $2 per bottle

·         Bar of soap: $.30 per bar

·         Laundry Detergent: $2 per bottle (regular size)

·         Fabric Softener: $3 per bottle

·         Toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash: $.50 per item

·         Cereal: $1.50 per box

·         Cold Meds: $2 per bottle/package

·         Bread: $.90 per loaf

·         Soda (2Liters): $.85 per bottle

·         Coffee Creamer: $.90

·         Coffee: $2.25 per pound

·         Can of soup (any brand): $.80 per can

·         Can of veggies (any brand): $.50 per can

·         Ziploc bags: storage/gallon sizes $.10 per bag, sandwich sizes:

$.05 per bag

·         Aluminum Foil: 60sqft+:$2

·         Box of facial tissues: $.70

·         Bags of M&Ms, other candies: $1.50 per bag

·         Wrapping paper (holiday, birthdays, etc):$1 per roll

·         Feminine Products: pads/tampons: 10-20 per box - $1-2, 20-30 per

box - $2-3, 30+ per box - $4-5

·         Frozen pizza (decent brands): $3 per pie

·         Eggo Waffles: $1.75

·         Glade Candles and similar name brands: $1.25 per candle, single

oil refills: $1.50, double oil refills: $2.50

·         Dozen of eggs: $1.25

·         1 Gallon Milk: $2.75

·         Haircolor: $2 per box

·         Pasta:$.60 per box, Pasta Sauce: $.75 per jar

·         Deodorant: $1 each

·         Bottled Water: $.10 per bottle

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El Chico's Kid's Meal for $.99!

Craving Tex Mex and want a great deal? Sign up for El Chico's E Club and you will get special offers in your email! Go HERE to sign up!

*El Chico Cafe:  Kids meals are .99 on Thursday w/an adult entree purchase.     

TIP: Make sure you use an email address strictly to receive coupons and special offers. This will keep your personal and business emails much simpler and cleaner!

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Go out on a date for less than $40! Appetizers, Two Meals and Two Movie Tickets!

If you need a night out and don't want to spend a lot of money, here's a great offer that is less than $40!

Chilis is offering 1 appetizer, 2 entrees and 2 movie tickets for $37! This special is not offered in all locations so call before you visit your nearest restaurant. Killeen is offering this phenomenal offer! Yea! I spoke with the manager, Shawn and he said this deal is going on indefinitely!

The movie tickets will be provided by the restaurant and the Regal Movie Theaters is right behind the restaurant so you can walk over and burn a few calories from that dinner! The movie ticket is actually a voucher, which will allow you to see ANY movie at ANY time.

If you are a Regal Crown Member, don't forget to use your Rewards card...maybe you'll score a FREE Popcorn, Drink or another FREE movie ticket for later!

Pretty cool, huh! Tell Shawn and John and his staff that I sent 'cha! :-)

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RedBox Free Movie and the Play Pass program!

I received an email for a 1 FREE movie Rental this morning! You can sign up for emails from Redbox HERE so you don't miss out on special offers!

RedBox now offers a rewards program called PlayPass! For every 10th movie you rent, you'll get your 11th for free! You will also get a free rental on your birthday too! These purchases include the free codes that you get....those count towards the PlayPass! Click HERE for more information about the PlayPass Rewards program!

Sign up for text message offers HERE!

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Wednesday 09/14/2016
Genghis Grill 2 for $22 Coupon!

Genghis Grill is offering a coupon two for $22 til September 25th!! How awesome is that?! You'll get one regular bowl, one burger and 2 drinks!

Make sure you sign up for email offers and join their rewards program HERE so you don't miss out on awesome deals like this one!

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube!

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Kellogg's Cereals at CVS! Save up to 75%!! WOW!

This week at CVS, select Kellogg's Cereals are on sale for $1.99 each!

The original retail prices range from $4.29 up tp $4.79 per box!

If you are part of the Kellogg's Family Rewards Program, you can trade your points for $1 off a box printable coupons! Go HERE for more information on this rewards program! I use this program and it has saved me lots of money! You can trade your points for coupons and gift cards!

If you buy the cereal for $1.99 and use a $.50 off coupon HERE, your final price will end up being $1.49 a box!  That's about a 66% savings! (If you have other Extra Care Bucks from previous purchases, you can use them with this purchase, even with manufacturer coupons!)

On Checkout51 phone app, you can get a $1 cash back when you buy select Kellogg's products.

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Do you love pretzels? Then you will LOVE this offer!

Right now, you can get one pretzel free when you buy one! No sharing needed! Just show this coupon to the cashier to take the discount. You can also go to the RetailMeNot website. Click HERE to check out all the Auntie Anne's Pretzel Coupons!

If you like eating the Auntie Anne's pretzel then you need to get the Pretzel Perks Program! You get points for visiting and buying pretzels! Go HERE.

Follow Auntie Anne's on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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Applebees Wednesday Wings! All You Can Eat!

Wow! Applebees is offering all you can eat wings today! For $12.99, you can eat as many as you like!

TIP: Sign up for emails from Applebees so you don't miss out on great offers like this! No coupons needed! Just let your server know that you would like the"All you Can Eat Chicken Wings!" Go HERE to sign up for emails!

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Wednesday 09/14/2016
Buffalo Wild Wings Kids Eat for $1.99 on Wednesdays!!

Buffalo Wild Wings is offering $1.99 meals for kids under the age of 12, with adult entrée purchase.

Sign up for special offers and coupons HERE!

"Like" them on Facebook HERE.

On Twitter HERE.

And Instagram HERE.

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Genghis Military Wednesday! $8.99 for Bowl & Drink!

Genghis Grill is now offering a special discount every Wednesday for Military! For $8.99, soldiers will receive a regular bowl and drink!

I confirmed with the Harker Heights location that soldiers HAVE TO BE IN UNIFORM to receive this special offer. You cannot provide the military ID card. If you live in another city or state and want to know if your local Genghis Grill is offering it, please call your nearest restaurant to find out. Click HERE to look for your local restaurant's phone number.

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$1.99 Tex Mex Bowl from Taco Bueno!

$1.99 Tex Mex Bowl from Taco Bueno!

Must show or ask for offer. Sales tax not included. Participating locations only (sorry, not valid in CO). Limit 5.

Make sure you sign up for meals from Taco Bueno. You could save a lot of money by taking advantage of their daily deals! Go HERE to sign up for their special offers! You will get a special coupon for signing up!

Follow Taco Bueno On Facebook HERE, Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE!

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Tuesday 09/13/2016
Chicken By The Sea Tuna Deal!

If you like Tuna, you will like this deal at Walgreens!

Inside the Walgreens Sales Flyer, there's a coupon for $.69 each! You do not need to tear this coupon out of the paper, the cashier will scan it (very few cashiers required a cut out).

If you are military and live in the Fort Hood area, you can get 15% off every Saturday, including of the tuna! Your final price after the military discount is $.58 each! 

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$2.47 Schick Razors at Walmart! Use the $7 off Coupon!!

At Walmart, I came across the women's Schick Razors for $5.97. I looked towards the back of the packs hung on the rod and found the BONUS sizes so I got a pack of 6 razors, instead of the regular pack of 4, for $5.97! There's an AWESOME manufacturer coupon for $7 off HERE when you buy 2 packs!

$5.97+$5.07=$11.94-$7 coupon=$4.94 for two or $2.47 each! WOW!

My stock up price for razors is $.50 or less. This coupon would make each razor $.41 each! Super WOW!

COUPONING/MONEY SAVING TIP: When looking at items on the shelves, don't grab the first/front item of that row; look towards of the back. Stockers replenish products and put the newest stock in the back, not in the front. This is where you will most likely find items with extra ounces or quantity in a package.

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Oral B ToothBrush Pack at CVS! Save 80%!!!

There is an AWESOME deal on Oral B tooth brushes at CVS this week!

Orignally $9.49, they are on sale for $4.99 and you can get $1.50 back in the form of Extra Care Bucks (ECBs)!

Want better news? You can use a $2 off manufacturer coupon to help you save MORE MONEY! Click HERE to print your coupon!

So, get a pack for $4.99, use the $2 off coupon, pay $2.99 and get back $1.50 ECBs! Final price would be $1.49! 

TIP: If you have other ECBs from previous purchases, you can use them on this purchase! Just remember that if you use a $2 ECB, you'll get them for free however, you will lose the remaining $.51. If you use a $5 ECBs, you will not get the $3 ECBs back...you will lose it so make sure you have "filler" items to prevent you from losing the $3!

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$.50 Arizona Tea at Walgreens!!!

It's time for me to stock up on Arizona Teas! These are a great deal! They are two for $1!

I am going to wait til Saturday to get the 15% off military discount....they will be $.85 for two cans!

No coupons needed to get the two cans for $1. If you are military and live in the Fort Hood community, go on Saturdays and show your military ID to get the additional 15% off. You use store coupons AND manufacturer coupon with this discount!

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Cinemark $5 Movies every Tuesday!

Every Tuesday at Cinemark, you can watch a movie for $5!

Sign up for weekly special offers HERE!

Click HERE to check out their other daily specials!

"Like" them on Facebook, on Instagram and they are also on Twitter too!

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Plucker's Kids Eat Free Every Tuesday!

Every Tuesday, kids, 12 and under,  eat FREE at Plucker's! Drinks are not included and  two per adult entree is required!

Inquire about their rewards program! It becomes very beneficial if you eat there often! Click HERE for the details!

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Domino Sugar on Sale at Walgreens!

I love to bake so I stock up on sugar. The Domino Sugar is originally $3.79 and there's a store coupon for $2.19 in the Walgreens Sales Flyer. Save 43%!

If I wait til Saturday to get the 15%  off military discount, it will be $2.19-15%=$1.60! Save 51%!

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Tuesday 09/13/2016
Rosa's Taco Tuesday! $4.39 for a 3 Taco plate!

Sign up for emails from Rosa's Cafe! Today is their Taco Tuesday Plate for $4.39! Sign up HERE to receive emails of special offers!!

You can also find Rosa's Tortilla Factory on Twitter and on Facebook!

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Denny's Kids Eat FREE Every Tuesday!

Every Tuesday, kids up to 10 years old, eat FREE between 4-10pm. You can get up to two free kids meals per adult entree. Before you drive to your local Denny's, call to make sure they are participating.

Sign up for emails from Denny's HERE so you know about the latest special offers!

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FREE Kids' Meals at Hooters!

Every Tuesday, kids, 12 and under, can eat FREE at Hooters with a purchase of an adult meal!

Sign up HERE for special offers from the HootClub! Click HERE to "Like" them on FB and on Twitter HERE!

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Monday 09/12/2016
$.54 Campbell's Soup at Walgreen's! Buy Now, Eat Later!! Save 59%!

It seems like the prices of soup has gone up so when it goes on sale, I stock up!

Walgreen's has it on sale for $.99 each, originally $1.29 up to $1.59 each! Buy these ahead of time and enjoy them during the colder months of when someone in your household gets sick! These cans don't expire for several months so you'll be prepared! 

There's a manufacturer coupon for $1.20 off when you buy four cans! Print HERE! Buy 4 cans=$3.96-$1.20=$2.76 for four cans or$.69 each!

Every Saturday, you can use your military ID and get an additional 15% off your purchase! Buy four cans=$3.96-15%=$3.36-$1.20 coupon=$2.16 for four cans or $.54 each!

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FREE Target $5 Gift Card with Laundry Purchase! Save 51%!

Target is offering a FREE $5 Gift Card when you purchase select Tide, Bounce, Gain, Bounty, Charmin, Downy and other Products!

Click HERE to print $2 off coupon to lower your OOP (Out Of Pocket). I am going to stock up on the Tide items! They are $10.99 and with the printable coupon of $2 off,  I will pay $8.99 and when I buy 2, pay $17.98 then get $5 back in the form of a gift card! 

If you have the Target RedCard Debit/Credit Card, you'll get a 5% discount. 

$8.99-5%=$8.54 each after the RedCard Discount.

Don't forget to bring your own reusable bags to get $.05 off your purchase. On average, I use 2 of my own bags so I get $.10 credit! $8.49 each!

$8.49+$8.49=$16.98 then I will get $5 back in the form of a gift card=$11.98 for two or $5.99 each! 

The discounts may not be that much but it does add up!

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Russell Stover & Whitmman's Chocolates Buy One Get One FREE!

 Russell Stover and Whitman's Boxed Candies are Buy One Get One FREE at Walgreen's this week!

Each box is $9.99 so when you get two, your second one will be FREE so it's like paying $4.99 each!

If you wait til Saturday, you can get 15% off military discount on the paid item! You'll pay $8.49 for two boxes or $4.24 each!

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A Healthy Way to Earn Points at Walgreens!

Did you know that you can earn points, not just by making purchases at Walgreens, but also by incorporating a healthier lifestyle? If you are walking, trying to lose weight or even trying to quit smoking, Walgreens rewards you for THAT!

Click HERE for all the details and to find out how to get started! You will be glad you did!

If you walk 5 miles a day, that's 100 points! Do that for a week and that's 700 points! Do it for 30 days and that's 2100 points!!! That's over $2 worth of points a month! For 365 days, you'll have $25 worth of points! That just for walking! Connect your Fitbit and it will track it for you!

Are you trying to quit smoking? Do you check your blood pressure everyday? Monitor your blood sugar? Do you do other exercise? You get points for THAT too!!!

Could you imagine what other healthy rewards you can earn in addition to that?!

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Dawn Dish Soap at CVS! Almost 50% off! Makes a Great and Safe Ant Killer Potion!

There's a great deal on Dawn Dish Soap at CVS this week.

On sale for $.99 each, original price $1.57 each. There's a coupon for $.25 off, making your final price $.84!  All you need is your CVS Extra Care Rewards Card to receive the discount!

COUPONING/MONEY SAVING TIP: Use the Blue Dawn to kill ants! If you have ant hills around your yard, the blue bottle of Dawn will kill the ants and it will not harm the grass, your pets or kids!

Fill a gallon of water about 3/4 full, add half a bottle of Dawn and depending on the size of the mound, add the potion on it. Use a garden hose and sprinkle water on it to spread the potion in. If it's a large mound, use about half a gallon. If it's small, use about quarter of a gallon. The BEST Ant Killer Potion EVER!!

I pour around the edges of my house as well to keep the bugs at bay. I use the garden house to spread the potion around.

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Fuddruckers $.99 Kid's Meal Every Monday!

Every Monday, kids can eat for $.99 at Fuddruckers!

Click HERE to sign up for the Fudds Club! You will receive emails of special offers!

Make sure you "Like" them on Facebook and Twitter!

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Texas Roadhouse $1.99 Kids' Meals! Every Monday!

Texas Roadhouse  offers kids meals for $1.99 every Monday!

This restaurant really caters to the parents when it comes to Kids' Night.  After the parents order,  the kids get their meals first so by the time the parents get their meals, the kids are done with their food and they get to go to a special area of the restaurant where they are supervised, get to color and play with other kids! They also get a balloon to take home. This way, the parents have some adult alone time while the kids play! Now, that's customer service!

"Like" them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and Instagram! Sign up for special offers HERE! Don't miss out on savings at your favorite restaurant! You'll get a FREE Appetizer for signing up!

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