Are you looking for cheap and creative ways to make gifts?! Here's a fabulous idea that I have been working on! School is coming to a close and that means getting teachers' gifts ready to give out! I use these creative mugs to put gift cards and candy inside and add a bow and voila! You got a beautiful gift made from the heart!

You can buy white, cream and other solid colors mugs at craft stores such as Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Jo Ann fabrics! You can buy some for less than $2!

Then you can use any color of nail polishes that you have a lot of or don't use!

In these photos, I used a white mug that I had lying around in my kitchen cupboards and I used Cover Girl Glosstinis Nail Polish that I got for FREE at HEB a few months ago! Make sure you are in a ventilated area because the nail polish scents are strong!

Use a large bowl (that you don't mind getting nail polish on), fill it up about half way with water. (don't fill it up to the top because when you put the mug in it, the water will rise and you can spill the water AND the nail polish that is in it and it's not pretty to get off the floors!) Pour a thin line, of one color of polish, at a time. You can use one color or use several colors. You can pour it swirly or straight or creative!

After you poured all the colors in the water, you are ready to dip the mug! Slowly dip the mug in the water. As you are dipping, the polish will quickly adhere to the mug. Keep lowering the mug in the water til you want to "artwork" to show on the mug. Be careful as you are to make sure the water does not overflow over the bowl! The you can lift the mug up and you are now an artist!!

Let it dry upside down for 2-3 hours in a ventilated area. When dry, you can add a small pack of coffee or hot cocoa with a bow and you have yourself a gift to give to someone special! Gifts made from the heart (and your time) is way more meaningful that buying a gift from the store.

Jennise "Savealotmom" Colin-Ventura | 254-501-7515 | | | instagram @jensavealotmom

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