Lately, I have been getting tons of emails for requests on how to start couponing and saving money.

I have a good feeling these questions were initiated by New Year’s resolutions. So, I wanted to share a few easy tips to alleviate the stress and help you get started.

Start at your own pace: You will not save lots money overnight nor will you be rich in a month — whether you have been couponing 15 years or two months.

It’s very exciting to see all the fabulous deals couponers get, but don’t go running to the store to get the same deal without knowing how it’s done and what you need to do to make it go smoothly. Chances are, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Do your homework, ask questions, go to coupon swaps, classes and meet other couponers. Have patience, it will pay off.

Have the mindset of savings: Believe it or not, you can save money without using coupons. My thought process is everything must have a discount, whether my family goes out to dinner, goes shopping for clothes or plans a vacation.

I really mean it when I say that I hate paying full price for anything.

I use and to find special offers. I can go to the website or the phone app, type in the store name and it will search for all the discounts available. If you are searching while in the store, most stores and restaurants will take the discount code right off the phone. There’s no printing required.

Keep it simple: Couponers have their own style and techniques on how to save money. Don’t jump right in to couponing. Ease your way in. I highly recommend using Favado to get started. This phone app can tell you all the best deals in the area and what’s on sale in each store.

When you click on a particular product, it will offer a brief description on how to achieve the lowest price. It will offer the sale price, any store offers and suggest all the printable and insert coupons that are available for it. It’s not 100 percent accurate, but it really does help to get you on the right foot without overwhelming you.

Jennise "Savealotmom" Colin-Ventura | 254-501-7515 | | | instagram @jensavealotmom

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