Not a couponer but you want to save money?

Just starting out?

Did you forget your coupons?

If you answered YES to any of these coupons, you MUST READ this! 

It would really stink if you forgot your coupons and you find a great deal at the grocery store. It would also stink if you want to try a different product but wished there was a coupon for it.

Well, no more stink moments! Here are some valuable money saving phone apps that can REALLY help you save money! REALLY! Only three apps were used on ONE receipt! 

I had to stop by my local Walmart to pick up some Ginger Ale, since I wasn't feeling good. I came across some yogurt and noticed a new product that Yoplait came out with....Dippers! Hmm, sounds good but no coupons. :-( BUTTTT.....I found a few phone apps that offer cashback rebates on it! After using these super easy apps, I saved 52% on my Walmart purchase!

Yoplait Dippers were $1.48 each. On the Ibotta App, there's a cash back rebate for $1.50!! I got it for FREE! Click HERE to find out more information about this popular app! 

Also on the Ibotta App is the Yopait Custard, $1 each....$1 cash back offer on that too! FREE! People Magazine: $5.29 each, $1 Cash Back=$4.29. Also, there was a rebate for $.25 for any purchase made at Walmart. Since I bought the soda, I ended up paying $.75 for that after I received the $.25 Cash Back!

Total cash back rebate from Ibotta: $3.75!!! Paid $10.95 (before tax), now the value of my purchase went down to $7.20!

Saving Star is another Cash Back Rebate program! They offered $.25 back with the Yoplait Custard so now I got overage on that product! 

Total savings from the receipt: $4!

While I was in Walmart, I used the Shopkicks App to get my kicks for walking in the store and scanning various items. I also got extra kicks for purchasing select items, including both the Dippers and Yopliat yogurts. Total amount of kicks earned: 400 kicks ( that's about a $1.65 value!). You need 1250 kicks to earn a gift card! You can trade your kicks for various giftcards; Target, Walmart, Starbucks and Carters. You earn kicks for walking into American Eagle, Walmart, Old Navy, Best Buy and other popular stores. While you are in the stores, you can scan certain items to earn more kicks. You are not required to buy anything to earn those kicks but if you do end up buying things in those stores, you get MORE kicks!

So, $1.65 worth of kicks+$4.00=$5.65 saved from the Walmart received. $10.95-$5.65=$5.30 paid after all rebates and kicks!

Jennise "Savealotmom" Colin-Ventura | 254-501-7515 | | | instagram @jensavealotmom

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