Coupon Information Center is a resourceful website that has up to date lists of counterfeit coupons, information about the latest couponing changes and even discusses ethical couponing! (my favorite topic!)

I posted a photo an example of a counterfeit coupon that is being generated illegally. The site has a link of all the counterfeit coupons that you can review so if you come across one, you can report it to CIC. Click HERE to see the list of counterfeit coupons. Generally, they are high valued coupons and unfortunately, alot of couponers locally are seen with these fraudulent coupons. Don't they know that all eyes are on them and word gets around???  It's just a matter of time. HERE is a recent story of a woman using high valued coupons and got arrested for it.

If you see suspicious activities on FB, click HERE to submit a super simple form and investigation may be initiated.

I look at the CIC as the "FBI of Coupons". The organization itself does not apprehend the suspects but they do work closely with law enforcement to stop shady activities. They do internal investigations so all the verfied information are given to police. CIC is largely responsible for changing the selling rules on eBay on coupons.

CIC investigates not only fake coupons but also shares ethical couponing tips and what dictates bad couponing behaviors.

Click HERE to check out the website. They have a wealth of knowledge and it's a great learning experience for everyone, even the advanced couponers.

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Lisa Evans

Ethical Couponing, wow heard that first time. [smile] This CIC is a great Resource for learning about coupons and Illegal activities.


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