If you have been invited to a military ball, a gala or any special occasion where you need to wear an elegant dress, you know how expensive dresses can be. Beautiful dresses usually cost at least $100. Then you have to worry about jewelry and shoes.

Anytime I am invited to a ball or gala, I cringe because I know it’s hard to find beautiful dresses on sale. Even if I find one on sale, I still have to buy coordinating jewelry, shoes and other accessories. Getting beautiful for a special day can be expensive.

But your wish of saving money on a beautiful dress is about to come true. Fort Hood Fairy Godmother has a shop full of gorgeous dresses that you can try on for proms, military balls, quinceañeras and even for weddings. For $45, you can rent a dress, shoes, jewelry and accessories. After the special occasion, you bring it all back and it will be dry cleaned and sanitized for the next woman who wants to rent it.

Besides the cost benefits of renting a dress from this place, you’ll also be guaranteed a one-of-a-kind look. At department stores and bridal shops, you will find several of the same dress in different sizes, which means there’s a possibility that someone, other than you, could have shopped in the same store and bought the same dress.

At Fairy Godmother, all the dresses are different. These dresses are donated by other bridal shops, local and far away and by ladies who bought dresses in another city or state.

You can select the dress you would like up to three months before the big day. I love this idea because you are not frantically looking for a dress and driving a far distance, wasting gas and time to pay an expensive price for a dress you wear once before it sits in your closet and collects dust.

Which brings me to another topic: donate unwanted dresses, fancy shoes, jewelry, shawls, purses and other accessories to Fort Hood Fairy Godmother. Pay it forward and let others wear the outfit. Donations can help other women create special memories.

The Fort Hood Godmother Formal Wear Dress Shop is at 310 E. Avenue B, Killeen. Contact the shop at 254-535-0928, www.FortHoodFairyGodmother.org or www.Facebook.com/FortHoodFairyGodmother.

The shop for military families and civilians also needs volunteers to help each customer feel special for their big day. It’s a lot of fun to help ladies find and try on dresses. You will definitely feel like million bucks, especially in a dress that offers an amazing rental price and no long-term commitment.

Jennise "Savealotmom" Colin-Ventura | 254-501-7515 | jennise@kdhnews.com | facebook.com/savealotmom | instagram @jensavealotmom

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