When you get home from an exhausting day of work, the last thing most people want to do is go shopping. You just want to relax, change into something more comfortable, grab a drink and sit down with your feet up.

To save time when shopping, here is a list of local places that offer special discounts, no coupons needed. These places offer good deals and saving money is right under your nose.


Cosper’s Meat Market: 2300 E. Elms Road, Killeen, 254-634-9070, across from Shilo Inn. It offers package deals and high-quality meats.

IGA: 3301 Rancier Ave., Killeen, 254-699-0868. On the first Wednesday of the month until the following Tuesday, IGA sells five packs of meats for $19.99. Sometimes IGA extends this offer, so call to find out.

Delicias Market: 1001 E. Veterans Memorial Blvd, Suite 501B, 254-554-3109. They have meat specials every week.

PRODUCE: H-E-B always has low prices; weekly sales, quick sale items and HEB digital app offers discounts on produce.

Currently unavailable: BountifulBaskets.org offers a variety of produce for $18, organic is more, order online and pick up. This is a great program that offers special rates on bulk produce. You get a variety of produce at lower price than most grocery stores.

BREAD: Aldi, Dollar Tree, Walgreens and CVS are the best places to get deals on bread. Walgreens offers reward points and register rewards on selected items. Redeem them on breads. Bread coupons are hard to find, so this is a great way to cut costs. It’s the same for CVS. You get extra care bucks on selected items, and you can buy breads with them. Aldi has great prices on bread. While the closest one is in Temple, one is planned in Killeen later this year in the Cielo Vista shopping center by PetSmart.

DAIRY & EGGS: Walgreens, CVS, Target and Aldi. These stores offer occasional sales on dairy and eggs, especially their store brands. Be willing to try the store brands. They are very similar in ingredients and high on quality.

BABY, PAPER PRODUCTS, CLEANING PRODUCTS, PERSONAL CARE ITEMS: CVS, Target and Walgreens always offer buying incentives when you purchase certain items. If you need to buy diapers, usually the stores offer a gift card or dollar-off coupon on your next purchase when you buy more than one. If you have coupons, you can use them and add to the rewards.

PET FOOD: Sam’s Club offers the best deals on larger sized bags of pet food. PetSmart and Petco have a loyalty card program that offers discounts. The companies will offer coupons via email for you to print or show your phone to get discounts. Target offers a buying incentive from time to time, including free items when you buy multiple pet products.

FREEZER/REFRIGERATED/DRY GOODS: Target, Walgreens and CVS. These stores generally provide special discounts when you use your Walgreens and CVS loyalty cards. Target is known to offer gift cards when you buy a certain amount and offering a free item or gift card with purchase. Target also offer a subsidiary app called Cartwheel to help you save more money! Again, if you have coupons, even better. But no matter what you buy, keep an eye out for special offers because in the end, you are still being rewarded for buying items you need.

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