As a mother of two extremely intelligent and beautiful daughters, it was only natural to want to protect them from the cruel treatment and bad behavior of their peers. So I constantly talked to them and taught them the things I thought would help them avoid some things and help them work through the things they could not change.
I created and dedicated time that we called Tea Time. This was the time where we would put on our favorite dressy attire. I'd set the table up my grandmother's antique tea set and we all had our favorite teas. We also had cake and ice cream, because this was a day I dedicated and set aside for my girls. It was also my time to validate and encourage them.
During Tea Time we sat and talked and discussed any issues we had somehow missed throughout the business of our day, and everything was centered on building their self esteem. I let them know that different didn't mean strange or ugly. It meant their very own uniqueness was created and tailored just for them. 
It is so important that parents take time to spend with their children. It's so worth it.

No More Silent Tears "To expose hidden secrets behind closed doors of abuse, and bring awareness to end violence that happens every second for the victims and their families."

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