Master your dreams
Creating memories that will last for generations has always been my motto. I grew up in a huge family but was raised as an only child. My mother with the help of my grandparents had the greatest influence and and reputation for instilling greatness in all of their children. We were taught about unity, and love, and family, We were taught about giving to those less fortunate than we were. We were also taught about entrepreneurship - owning businesses and being business-minded - and that being  self-sufficient was the foundation for it all.
So it was only natural for me and my family members to own our own businesses. Growing up with this came with pros and cons for me because I never wanted to dream too little. When I was 15 I spent a lot of time under my grandparents' wings, where wisdom was my teacher. Most of the verbal instructions were from my grandfather who wasn't a man of many words. He noticed me drifting into my crazy "all about boys" stage and began talking to me. He told me to master my dreams and not let my dreams master me.
The words followed me growing up but not until I became of age and maturity did I understand clearly what he meant.
I am the woman I am today because I had great parents and grandparents who chose to encourage whatever dreams and goals I desired to reach. As it stands today, they never had the opportunity to see what I have accomplished or my dreams being fulfilled. What they taught has never left me. it has pushed me to reach further than I could ever dream and master all that I set my mind to do.

No More Silent Tears "To expose hidden secrets behind closed doors of abuse, and bring awareness to end violence that happens every second for the victims and their families."

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