Seek help now

Repressing emotions and fear don't help the healing process.

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Years after suffering my own abuse, I have witnessed people who I knew were in similar abusive situations. But because I was in fear I was unable to encourage them. I wanted to help but felt I couldn't. I was so afraid, to the point of becoming numb, and I desensitized my emotions and pain. I thought this was a way to get past all that I have gone through and I felt displaying this cover-up would help me move forward without dealing with the underlined issues.

But the more silent I became, the worse I felt. My defense mechanism was to forget as much of my past that I could so I didn't have to face it again.

Anyone who talked about abuse in general conversations made me more anxious and fearful. So I closed myself up not wanting to get help to cope with my issues that I had struggled with for so many years. The result of not getting the proper help and care was years of suppressed wounds that never healed.

Seeking help is so essential for a healthy life after abuse. Abuse has a lasting negative affect if it is not dealt with and treated.

I encourage anyone out there who is unable to seek help and speak about the experience to not wait any longer for the chance to get better. It is a life-changing experience.

Seek help now.

No More Silent Tears "To expose hidden secrets behind closed doors of abuse, and bring awareness to end violence that happens every second for the victims and their families."

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