Life is full of unexpected blows. The only way to minimize them (you'll never completely rid yourself) is to restrict your life. Restrict your heart. I refuse to do that. I'm "sunny" enough in my approach to life to truly believe that some blows really are accidental. I'm also realistic enough to accept that some are deliberate, even orchestrated.

As I am reeling in shock, confusion, and disbelief, it is natural for my mind, my heart, to try to figure out "Why?" You know what I told myself? Don't. It's wasted energy. I am only trying to figure out and resolve someone else's issues and in the process am shrouding myself with their dysfunction.

I will not......stop being me. For every person who tries to sabotage or undermine me, there are twice as many who support, encourage, respect, admire and love the me that is me!

I looked up the root "Fort" in my effort to process and move forward constructively from quite an agonizing blow. Here is what I found:

"fortified place, stronghold," from Middle French fort, from noun use in Old French of fort (adj.) "strong, fortified" (10c.), from Latin fortis "strong, mighty, firm, steadfast," from Old Latin forctus, possibly from PIE root *bhergh- (2) "high, elevated," with derivatives referring to hills and hill-forts (cognates: Sanskrit brmhati "strengthens, elevates," Old High German berg "hill;" see barrow (n.2)).

And here is what I will do and advise others to do as well. I will fortify my heart. I will continue to live my life with fortitude. I will not instead retreat behind a fortress and deny myself of all the wonder, beauty, richness and true love that life and its relationships bear. It's not my dungeon.

Head held high. Shoulders squared. Feet firmly on the ground and marching forward. Progressing. Learning. Growing.

Heart open for business. Now and always.

Hello there! My name is Dr. Rebecca J. Marsh, and i am a Clinical Psychologist who has been practicing in the Central Texas area since 1996. I'm very excited to share my new blog with you- "Sunny Side Up"- a fresher, lighter, much-needed perspective on

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