Carl Armas has a pretty enviable office. Not only is it mobile, but it’s also filled with delicious, cold treats.

Armas and his brother-and-law, Douglas O’Hanlan, sell ice cream in neighborhoods, parks and other locations in Killeen and Harker Heights.

This summer, with temperatures surpassing the 100-degree mark, business has been good.

“It’s great to be out there right now,” Armas, 30, of Killeen, said. “We are actually getting requests to come back to the parks and neighborhoods more often.”

While he has been in business for more than 15 years, this is the first year that Armas used trucks and equipment that he owns instead of renting. He said the commitment was the result of seeing his sales in Killeen and the surrounding cities grow.

“There were two of us, and every time we would go out, people would ask us to come back, or ask us to come to other locations,” Armas said.

Armas and his partner use a pair of old, converted ambulance vans, and recently expanded the fleet.

“I was very surprised and happy to see that we needed more trucks,” he said.

Some of the most popular items Armas sells are ice cream treats shaped to look like popular cartoon characters for young children. Armas also said that running his own business has one unique advantage.

“When you have a store, you have to try and go out and bring customers in,” he said. “With the ice cream trucks, the people come to you, and you can drive it to where the customers are.”

Armas Ice Cream now has three of its five trucks serving the Killeen and Harker Heights area, and is looking to expand into Copperas Cove.

O’Hanlan, who also has a night job, said he can make a couple of hundred bucks a day selling the cold treats.

While July is National Ice Cream Month and the Texas heat might make ice cream a little more desirable during this time of year, Armas said selling ice cream is a year-round operation.

“Texas has great weather for ice cream all year,” he said. “Even in winter, people still want it.”

According to Armas, selling ice cream to local residents isn’t just a business, it’s also fun.

“My mother always told me to find a job I really love, and I actually really like doing this,” he said. “Everyone is always happy and excited to see you, and the worst problem you have is when you run out of ice cream they like.”

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