Author Robert Lovelle Rooks and Andrea Joy DelaRosa read chapters from “Filipina” to the book signing audience at Barnes & Noble in Harker Heights Friday night.

HARKER HEIGHTS — Killeen resident and author Robert Lovelle Rooks held a book-signing Friday night at the Harker Heights Barnes & Noble for his latest novel, “Filipina.”

Rooks met with event visitors, signed copies and read the first four chapters of “Filipina” during a public reading during the event.

“Filipina” is the product of Rooks’ world travels and personal encounters with 50 Filipina women throughout his life. The book is based on true stories and told through four different characters and plots.

“Filipina” was well-received at the 37th Annual Manila International Book Fair, where the first edition launched, Rooks said. It continues to receive positive reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Facebook.

Rooks said organizing his launch in the Philippines was costly, but the best place to launch such a book. ”Filipina” is currently being considered by major Filipino bookstore chain, National Bookstore, he said.

“The trip to launch at the 37th Annual Manila International Book Fair was fantastic,” Rooks said, adding he was treated very warmly in the Philippines. “It felt really good. There’s also a fantastic, big readership in the Philippines. This is a culture still excited about books.”

Rooks said there a few messages he wants readers to get from the book.

“I want people to learn that Filipinos come from an interesting country. I want people to learn a little bit about who they are. If anything, I want people to know about the women’s issues Filipinas go through in places like Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia, where many are still mistreated,” Rooks said.

“Filipina” is Rooks’ sixth novel and he is currently starting to write his first young adult book, a spin-off of a Japanese anime called, “Samurai Champloo.”

Anime is another subject Rooks is passionate about and he seeks to build on the existing Samurai Champloo story, saying it should’ve continued after it was canceled. Rooks plans to launch this title at a Comic Con in 2020.

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