Remodeled and reopened, Harris Jewelry is recharged and set to serve Killeen’s military members.

Located in the Killeen Mall, Harris Jewelry has been offering quality jewelry since the late 1980s.

A nationwide jewelry chain, Harris Jewelry was founded in 1955 by Jerome L. Harris, a Marine and World War II veteran. It was Harris’ belief that military personnel and their families deserved a jewelry store offering quality jewelry, fair payment plans and exceptional customer service.

“Harris Jewelry is geared specifically towards our military members and their families,” said Jimmy Kennedy, manager of the Killeen store. “We try and offer credit programs that help our soldiers build their credit toward their futures, while providing them with an atmosphere that is personalized to them and the communities they serve.”

With 23 locations nationwide, every Harris Jewelry serves the military members stationed at nearby installations, with each store decorated uniquely to honor the divisions garrisoned at each base. Killeen’s location features a mini collection of sorts, from the 1st Cavalry Division, including a World War II 1st Cavalry uniform, a Vietnam-era M-1 helmet, and multiple photos of the division from past the decades.

“I really like the memorabilia and photos on our walls,” Kennedy said. “Almost everything used to decorate our store is 1st Cavalry, and our customers really appreciate it. We want them to feel like this place is for them.”

A company employee since 2006, Kennedy gets a lot of satisfaction from providing

for Killeen military members.

“I get to talk to a lot of customers who have deployed overseas multiple times, and I don’t think I could have (deployed),” he said. “But if I can help with this one aspect of their lives, then it’s the least I can do.”

Officially reopened Aug. 29, the Killeen location was the sixth Harris Jewelry store to receive remodeling. With the updated and modern façade, and specialty deals in place, Kennedy has seen an increase in business.

“I’ve seen a little bit more traffic than usual,” he said. “People that typically walk by have been stopping in now to take a look around at the new store and the uniforms on the wall.”

Offering exclusive sales and financing plans, Harris Jewelry and Kennedy hope to attract even more customers to celebrate the reopening and remodeling.

“Now through (this) weekend, ending (today), we are having a buy one, get half price available on most everything in the store,” Kennedy said. “In the past, we were consistently the number one Harris Jewelry store in the nation. We hope to get back to where we belong and be the premier jewelry store for all military members in the area.”

Herald/Erik Papke​

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