TEMPLE — Baylor Scott & White Health announced a new hire and three promotions Tuesday.

According to the health system’s news release, Jennifer Settle Brown will be joining the organization as chief legal officer in January. Internally, the hospital is promoting LaVone Arthur to chief strategy officer, Kristi Sherrill Hoyl to chief policy, government and community affairs officer and Nikki Moll to senior vice president of marketing and communications.

CEO Jim Hinton praised all four women and said it is important their contributions to health care be recognized.

“(This) represents really high-performing executives who are taking on more to face the new challenges that we as an organization have, that health care has,” Hinton said.

Brown’s 20-plus years of experience include serving as senior vice president and general counsel for Presbyterian Health Services and vice president and senior transaction counsel for Mercy. She has been a partner in the health care practice group of two national law firms. Brown is a native of Amarillo and earned her Juris Doctor degree from the University of Texas School of Law.

Hinton said the health system has been searching for a new chief legal officer for a few months.

“We were able to attract Jennifer to the organization,” Hinton said. “She’s ... really excited about returning to her home state and working for Baylor Scott & White Health. We’re excited to have her join the team.”

Arthur has more than 30 years’ experience as a part of Baylor Scott & White. Most recently she was the health system’s chief integration officer.

“LaVone Arthur ... we’re kind of shifting some of her responsibilities to include more of a focus on strategy,” Hinton said. “She’s been helping lead a strategic planning effort within the organization.”

Hoyl has three decades of experience in government and community relations and has worked at Baylor Scott & White for 13 years. She served as the chief of staff in the Dallas mayor’s office in the 1990s and is now overseeing four Baylor Scott & White foundations and all of the system’s community relations activities and will continue to oversee government affairs.

“What’s new about her (Hoyl’s) role is she’s taking on the oversight of our philanthropic efforts on a statewide basis,” Hinton said.

Moll has worked for Baylor Scott & White for 11 years, the news release said. She designed the system’s public relations strategy and built an award-winning social media program focused on improving customer service. In the future, she will oversee the organization’s marketing, public relations and communications activities.

Hinton said Moll recently has been serving as the interim vice president of marketing and communications.

“Nikki ... after serving very well in an interim role was promoted into the permanent role,” Hinton said.

Baylor Scott & White Health is the largest nonprofit health care system in Texas.

“We have three very, very talented executives who are being given some expanded roles here,” Hinton said.

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