GATESVILLE — The owner of Black Meg 43, a hamburger restaurant in Copperas Cove, will soon be opening a similar eatery in Gatesville.

Black Meg 43 owner John Allen Vasseur said the Gatesville location will open in mid- to late-February at 2558 E. Main St., which was formerly Taqueria Los Agaves.

“We were looking for an opportunity to go to Gatesville,” Vasseur said. “We were offered that opportunity when the Mexican restaurant closed. It is easier to open at the site of an existing restaurant.”

The original Black Meg 43 opened in Cove three years ago and recently moved across the highway to its current location at 1504 E. U.S. Highway 190.

The restaurant has since opened operations in Killeen, Belton and Harker Heights, Vasseur said.

“We picked Gatesville because we had somewhat of a following among high school athletes from Gatesville,” he said. “The buses carrying the team would stop at our restaurant when they came to Cove for ball games.”

The restaurant chain takes its name from an Angus cow considered the grandmother of the breed, he said.

“We knew we were going to use Angus beef and we came across a story about a cow in Chicago in the 1800s named Black Meg with the registration number 43,” he said. “More Angus cattle trace their bloodlines back to that cow than any other and she is regarded as the founder of the breed.” Vasseur said the Gatesville restaurant will employ 15 to 20 workers.

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